Friday, October 8, 2010

Advertising the UK Concerts

Libera posted on their Facebook page:

Calling supporters in Bristol and Chester - can you help? We need help to spread the word about our concerts in Bristol and Chester. We need people to put up posters in libraries, churches, schools etc.. Or perhaps you can hand out A5 flyers or leave them where people might pick them up. And if you know people in these places please encourage them to come to our concerts.

Sorry I don't live in England to help, but if you know anyone that lives in the UK, you can forward the poster to them on Facebook or by e-mail. People could also put the poster up in train stations, coffee shops and grocery stores, too. (Ours have bulletin boards when you go in or out of the grocery store.) Just copy and print the poster above. And maybe Aled Jones could mention the concerts on his radio show.  Just a suggestion.  :)

Libera's blog also added this picture from the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis 2010. Love the colors and how you can see their reflections in the shiny floor!

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