Wednesday, November 24, 2010

London & Beverley Video!

Oh my word, this is the best video ever! This was posted by LibeLa who is from San Francisco. And she got to meet and take pictures with the boys including Matthew Madine!!! He's very smiley and looks so much like Josh! We get our first glimpse of him at 1:06. She got a great picture with the 5 cousins, Stefan, Ben, Ralph, Tom Cully, Sam Coates and Ben Crawley! Even Mr. Prizeman is talking in the background! Just watch!

Here's her report.

Hello my fellow Libera fans!

I'm back in circulation again after a long & tiring journey (10 hrs flight from London to SF). We arrived in SF Monday late night and I had to return to work the following morning. Good thing I was able to sleep on the plane and did not experience jet lag at all.

I will not give any more reviews re the concerts since they were already well-covered by the "experts."

I just wanted to share with you this video I came up with for the London & Beverley concerts. As we all know, the usual meet & greets and photo sessions did not happen in both UK concerts so sorry if there's nothing much to it especially in Beverley. Fortunately for us, we sat next to Josh's uncle & aunt (who were both so warm & friendly) and Jakob's dad (also nice!) in the London concert and we chitchatted with them for a while. They were extremely appreciative that we traveled a long way to see Libera's concert and they were unanimous in saying that fans like us should be given the chance to at least say "Hi" to the lads after the concert. We were extremely lucky that night since we were able to have our photos taken with some of the boys who were just hanging around the church waiting for their parents. Got good shots of the up and coming star Matthew Madine too. What a sweet & shy boy with the same cute smile as his older brother Josh.

Pardon us if we kept on repeating the same lines, "We're from SF, Great job! We'll see you again tomorrow!" Hahaha! Everything was happening too fast and we couldn't catch up. It was just super dooper exciting!

We brought some chocolates from San Francisco called Ghirardelli and shared them with the boys. Josh's Mom who by the way is really beautiful and accommodating suggested that we should also try English chocolates (specifically Cadbury).

I also had some memorable encounters with my all-time favorite soloist Tom Cully who was great in his new found role in Libera as the Sound Assistant. Even if Tom was busy running around, helping out and setting up equipment, he was still kind and polite enough to accommodate his adoring fans. I gave him a SF Giants baseball cap & a black World Series Championship shirt (FYI, SF Giants won the World Series this year against Texas Rangers) and it touched my heart to see him wearing the shirt in Beverley during the day.

I got Stefan (my new fave soloist) a very cute panda hat (from SF) but it was not given to him yet that night. I gave it to one of the chaperones but I wonder if he's ever gonna receive it. *sigh*

And lastly, I was also ecstatic to meet everyone: FDL (again), Yorkie, dani, Murkskis, et al. I was looking for Nicki but didn't see her. Sorry if I missed anybody but it was really nice to finally put faces to names.

You gotta love my white hoodie! Made it myself the last minute...

Enjoy the video. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

<3 LibeLA 


  1. Hi Lexi!

    Thanks for posting this. I'm glad you enjoyed the video. I was thinking of you while trying so hard to film something out of the London/Beverley concerts. Even if it was not as lengthy as the meet & greet videos I created before, I guess this is better than nothing. Hehe! :-p

    Btw, may I know your email address? I wanna send you a longer message next time. ;-)

    Take care & God bless!
    Have a great Thanksgiving!


  2. hello again! i must agree with you, this is the best and i mean THE BEST video ever posted. we see the boys upclose, esp matthew madine and perhaps josh's mom! and tom cully (our all time favorite!) doing his best with production work. thank you so much, LibeLa and lexi for sharing this video with us.

  3. hi lexi and LibeLa. with your permission, would it be okay to post this in my profile page on facebook for my other libera friends to see? thank you very much and best regards to both of you.

  4. Hi, Mrs. Guzman. I'm sure LibeLA wouldn't mind you posting her video since she put it up on YouTube anyway for everyone to see. :)

  5. I'm really interested in watching LibeLA's video, but I can't because it says it's a private video ;( how can I watch it?

  6. Thanks for noticing that, Keekii! We wrote to LibeLA, and she was editing the video and reposted it. You should be able to see it now! :)