Monday, November 8, 2010

New Video Highlights

Wow! Libera has been soooo busy! First there were 5 US Summer concerts. Then school starts, and we find out they've been filming MORE VIDEOS! Yea!!!!! Next we get confirmation there's a Peace Deluxe CD + DVD coming out and WHAT?!  UK concerts?!  4 in the Autumn and 1 in the Spring?! And then they might come back to the US in the Spring after that?! Yea!!!!!!

Then the best video ever, Lullabye, comes out and makes at least half of their fans cry their eyes out! In the middle of the Bristol and Chester concerts they release 2 more videos and a few days later the Japan 2010 tour video. Whew! They have REALLY been busy!

So here's my favorite parts of the 3 new videos. Pics from the first 2 videos are from the HD version on the DVD, so you can copy them if you'd like. Let me know if there are any other pics you'd like.

Introducing Libera

This video has Freddie, Cassius, Sammy, Luke, Carlos, Jakob, Daniel, Mini James, Kavana and Ralph sitting in their dressing room and explaining Libera to us. But wait! No older boys?! That's OK. The younger ones SHOULD get to practice their public speaking. It's their turn. And they do a very good job of it!

I liked seeing them walking to the cathedral in Arundel in their robes. And I learned that it's not pronouced "a-RUN-dle" but "AIR-un-dle." I'll just blame my mistake on my American accent.  ;)

Kavana has all the funny one-liners. "I"m excited more than the others!" "Sound is a special thing." lol  "Free time at home is nothing compared to free time with Libera." After seeing him perform at Nashville and Atlanta, I can tell you he is one animated and funny kid!

Carlos is quite well-spoken, too. I love the way he pronounces "go," "low" and "blue." Mini James speaks as distinctly as he sings. "All the harmonies of Libera are magical and special." What a cutie! And Sammy's, "My favorite is probably 'Deep Peace,' because in 'Deep Peace' it's got lots of lovely harmonies that intertwine and kind of have a lovely effect of true peace." Isn't HE lovely!  :)

The only thing missing from this video? ZERO footage from the 2010 US concerts. Hmmm...wonder why?

But the best scenes from the video:

Love this!  :D

Rotating ping-pong (table tennis) game with
Sam, Alex, Kavana & Liam! Excellent!

Libera Blog 2010

Mini-James, Kavana & Ralph running around before a photoshoot. They have a lot of energy! During rehearsal you can see mini James spinning around in the back, too! lol 

Sam & Jakob let us know that they have to be very quiet before the concerts, so the boys read a lot of books.

Awesome pic of Liam and Sam cramming
orange slices in their mouths! I can only fit 1! :)

The Asian crowds are huge! I wonder how many thrilled fans can see themselves in these videos? So cool! The boys give a nice shout-out to the Philippino fans, too! Here's what they said.

Mini James: "After the concert (you) realize how happy you're making some people. And you just feel really good about it. Thousands and thousands of them." "I think it's really exciting, even more exciting than it would be, cause sometimes...they're so excited, you don't actually understand what they're saying." Ha!

Ralph: "When I'm doing the signing, it's just this thought that's screaming in my head over and over again, 'What is happening? How can you be doing this?'" Nice!  :)

Kavana: "They were holding banners. It was like the best welcoming we've ever received." Note to self: They like banners. And get all my girlfriends to go to the concerts and scream at the M&G. Um, yeah, no. I can't do the screaming part.  :)

Then we see Arundel concert footage. It's such a pretty church!

Daniel: "As it darkened, the atmosphere just exploded all around me."  He enjoys the concerts as much as the audience!  :)

Ralph: "You couldn't actually have asked for a better audience."

Other great scenes from this video:

Sam leaning upside down over the Acropolis wall!  :O

Shout-out to another boy being kind to the littler
boys. Here's Josh getting a mini James hug
in Venice! Aww!

And, of course, the Alternate Deep Peace Video! How to choose?!

Josh dancing around with a box on his head!

Ed carrying Freddie around. Love the sunglasses!

Ralph with JT.  JT is sooo cute!  :)

Jonathan carrying Ed! That's one strong boy!
Josh is just...well...perfect. Never a bad pic!

Now Jonathan is carrying Josh?! Very strong!
Sammy is draping Josh with those vines.  :)

A boy band stance! Ha! "Tooo yoooou!"
JT throws that paper bouquet up, and Josh catches it!

Japan 2010 Tour

WOW! What an intro! Stefan hits that high note...just wow! I agree with Josh! This is a great video! :) In the beginning we see them arrive in Japan, and after what they all say about Japan, I'm ready to pack my bags and go visit! They should seriously work for the Japan Tourism Board!

Ben gives us a little lesson on what they are and aren't allowed to eat before the concert to "keep their energy levels up." Mini James is adorable as always, and poor Daniel looks a little jet-lagged. Liam, however, seems to have enough energy for both of them.

It's sweet what Josh says about others doing his songs now. "It's actually quite fun to see new interpretations of songs, and some solos I once did are now sung by other people. So it's cool to see how other people can take the words and the music and make them their own." "I know. I've been doing it for such a long time now. I can't really imagine life without being in Libera. It's become such a great part of me, and I hope to stay in it for a long time." Awww. We hope so, too!

Then we get that enchanting Libera music with little Freddie's speech about Libera. Great job speaking in Japanese, too!

All 23 boys on the Spring 2010 Tour are interviewed in this video, which is great! It's a chance to hear from some of the boys who don't get to talk as much. Here's what we learned.

Cassius: It's his first time in Japan, and it's different than what he expected. "Quite different but fantastic." Interview conducted with a gigantic gumball in his mouth! lol

Ralph: Favorite new song is Time. (You can hear Josh singing Time with Ralph & Alex instead of by himself.) He thinks the crowd "clapped at the right times, but I'm not allowed to say when they are supposed to clap." And he was very happy to be doing this concert for such nice people. :)

Stefan: He pronounces his name "Stef-un" instead of "Stef-ahn!" Another one I say wrong! Been in Libera for 2 years. His favorite song is Sanctus. I like when Mr. Prizeman walks behind him and grins. I think they are trying to get him to do more speaking.

Henry: Isn't he SO cute! He seems like he's in a dream! "Tonight was just amazing. I can't think of any words to describe the experience. And I just loved every moment of it. The crowd was just really appreciative." Aww. Favorite hobby is reading.

Alex: "Normally I play football...mostly at school." Someone in the background says, "What?!" So Alex laughs and adds, "Sometimes with my friends." Favorite music is r&b hip-hop. Favorite Japanese food is sushi and squid. Love the way he says, "soo-shi," and his eyes light up! Favorite sport is basketball "cause it's loads of running about." :)

Jonathan: (or JB) He is 15 years old and has been in Libera for 5 years (almost 6).

Liam: Favorite hobby is composing music, playing cello and piano and "obviously" singing. Also likes to play table tennis (ping-pong). Favorite music is pop or swing. Favorite Japanese foods are omusubi and sushi. Favorite sports are table tennis or tennis.

Sam: Favorite song is Sanctissima because of all of the chords and how they work together. Favorite hobby is puzzles! Who'd a thunk it?! Favorite music is classical. Favorite Japanese food is omusubi! Same as Liam! Favorite sport is swimming!

Flynn: He thinks Japan is amazing. The fans were "lovely." I like the way he says "lovely."

Jakob: He's 12 and has been in Libera for 4 years. He was nervous at the beginning of the concert, but it got more exciting, and by the end he was "beaming!" :D

Carlos: Flynn and "what's his name?...Stefan" did really well on their solos! lol The crowd was fantastic, and Japan "can't be any better than this! I'm happy to be in this country." So cute!

Stefan: Interview #2. "I thought tonight's concert went really well. The audience were really suppportive." He was pretty nervous, but he got over the nerves. He really should do more public speaking. He speaks very well and is very likeable.  :)

Tiarnan: He's 13 and has been in Libera for 4 1/2 years. He enjoys it in Japan, because everyone is so nice to them.

Alfie: His favorite song is Exultate. He was very nervous. He thinks he sang "alright." Aww. You hate to see such a little kid being so hard on himself. I'm sure you did great, Alfie!  :)

James T.: "The fans were wild." lol  Sounds like a great concert!

Sammy: "I know I got all my moves right and all my harmony parts right. And my solo went really well, so I'm happy." You can tell he tries really hard to do everything just right!

Freddie: "I also think the solos were good like Ben's one and Stefan's one." He thought his second speech was better than his first one. :)

Luke: He liked the solos by Ben, Stefan & Ralph. "I hope the audience enjoyed it as much as we did." :)

Matthew R-A: His hobbies are cycling and playing the piano. Favorite Japanese food is sushi. Favorite sport is football. He supports Chelsea.

Josh: Favorite song is Orinoco Flow "cause it's got a really cool beat to it, and I like the climax in the choruses." I love that part, too! Hobby is composing music and playing on his keyboard. Favorite Japanese food is sushi "because we don't get that much of it in England." Favorite sport is football, and he supports Arsenal. Based on his laugh, I'm gonna guess there's a team rivalry amongst the boys.  :)

Mini James: Oh my word is he cute! He's been in Libera 1 1/2 to 2 years. He likes getting to go around the world and meet really nice people. "I really love doing the concerts, cause I just feel so happy that everyone really enjoys them." And you can hear him singing his solo on Love and Mercy! Great job! Here he's getting a squeezie-face from someone.

Ben: Favorite song is Secret. You can hear him singing the solo on it. His favorite music is a mixture of pop, rock & classical.

Daniel: He is 14. His favorite song is Stay With Me (you can hear him singing the solo!) "cause it's a very upbeat song, oh, and I sing it. (laughs)" His hobby is to go out on the weekends to friends' parks, cinema, play rugby. His favorite music: "I'm a mixed person" - rock, hip hop, ?, classical and Japanese music. Favorite Japanese food is "obviously chicken ramen, can't deny that." lol! Favorite sport is aikido (martial arts) or cycling. Then we see Alex and Tiarnan off to the side laughing.

Kavana: He is 11 and has been in Libera for 4 years. Favorite sport is playing football with his friends at the park and at school. Favorite music is hip hop, r&b. Favorite football team is Leeds United. Love how he throws up his arms when he names his team!

Other cute pics:

Ralph & JT boppin' around in the back of the bus!

Alex with a deflated ball on his head!

Where did the black robes come from?!!! And where
did they go? I love them! Have they used them since?


  1. I love it... but its Leeds United lolx

  2. ---nice one again, lexi... i must admit having a hard time understanding what each & every boy was saying. i need the aid of a headset, hah hah and yes, i didn't understand what liam's favorite food was aside from sushi.

    ---i hope we, filipino fans, will finally have our copies of their CD this week. they say it will be quite expensive than the previous ones, but - oh well, anything for libera, right?

    ---thanks again and regards.

  3. Thank you both! And, ha! I'll change League to Leeds. Sorry I don't know English football teams very well. :D

  4. Lexi, this is an EXCELLENT presentation of Libera'a activities for the past several months! Full of pictures and information. (I especially like the speculation that Libera MAY come back to the United States next spring!!) All the boys are very handsome and full of energy. Their interview replies are truly fascinating! It's great to see the boys who sing such beautiful music just being themselves. Josh's laugh is welcome, but I'd love to hear the actual laughter of ALL the boys. A part of them we never hear. Thank you, Lexi!

  5. Hi Lexi! Brilliant post as always! I enjoyed reading it. Thank you very much for sharing!

    I think Liam & Sam's favorite Japanese food is "OMUSUBI" or rice ball made from white rice formed into triangular or oval shapes and often wrapped in nori (seaweed).
    Source: Wikipedia

    I'm so excited to see their upcoming concerts in London & Beverley next week. I'll definitely share my photos & videos if I shoot something interesting. :-)

    Take care Lexi & Lauren!

    (San Francisco, CA)

  6. i thank this is wonderfull its a amzaing that libera has dfffrinet types of mucis and foods favriet things thats wonderfull i can not wit to get my cd and dvd

  7. Thank you all! And thank you for the info on omusubi, LibeLA! I will change it. lol Hope you have a great time at the concerts! Sure wish they'd have a Meet & Greet at at least one of them. Can't wait to hear how it goes! :)

  8. Lexi
    You must have had quite some work in setting this piece up. Thanks for that. And you really DO notice the cutest things of the boys. You have a way of pointing things out of boys that are not in the spotlights that often, which makes us appreciate them even more. Great piece.


  9. I always enjoy reading your blog ! So upbeat :D Thank you so much, Lexi and Lauren !


  10. Thank you, Murkskis! Glad you like it! :)