Friday, February 4, 2011

Josh's Hair

Some things in Libera never change. The great music, the amazing treble voices, and the boy's immensely differing PERSONALITIES. :) But there are also many things in Libera that do change. The boys that come and go as their voices change, who is singing the solos, the ever-changing heights of the boys, and the lost teeth. But few things in Libera have changed more than this one: Josh's hair. He has a different hair style every month! Of course, part of the reason is that his hair seems to grow so quickly. Most guys stick with one length and get a trim every now and then. Josh seems to like to...experiment. :) Watch the changes during 2010.

This picture was taken at the Korea concert on April 11th. He looks good, of course, but his hair is maybe a little too short, because you can't really see those curls. ;)

This picture was taken at the Arundel concert on May 15th. Look how long it's gotten in only one month! I'm starting to like it more here, but we still can't really see the curl. And personally, I like guys' hair a little longer. :) At my school, this is as long as the guys are allowed to have it.

Ah! Perfection! Or something very close to it! And it's not just because I took this picture myself. :) I think that it's a really good length here. I took this one in Atlanta on August 10th. His hair has had the whole summer to grow out and personally, I think it's perfect. lol. I like the length and the curl. Wow, I feel really weird saying this. lol. :)

OK, this is where my mom says it's perfect, and I don't entirely disagree. I like the length here as well. It's curly and long, but not TOO long and not in his eyes. I don't know, maybe just a little too long in the back for me. This was taken at the Bristol concert on October 27th.

Now, this one was taken in London on November 19th. I can hardly look at Josh because of how cute Matthew is in this picture and the fact that we don't have many pictures of Matthew yet. But I'll try to yank my eyes off the little cutie to his big brother (who is also a Here Josh's hair is starting to get too long. Definitely. It's in his eyes, and it just looks like it would be a pain to deal with in the morning (although I'm speaking from a girl's perspective). It's not terrible, but he looks like he's ready for a trim. My hair-stylist aunt always says that right when your hair looks the best, you'll need it cut a week later. I hate that. :p lol

And finally a picture from a TV appearance on December 20th. OK Josh, now it's hit the point of being too long here. Why? Because we can't see his beautiful eyes! He's still's just DEFINITELY time for a trim. So I'm hoping that if he hasn't already gotten a haircut, he'll get it trimmed or cut now so that it can be back to those middle two by the time they come to the US this Spring or Summer! lol And, oh yeah, please do come back to the US this Spring or Summer. No matter what your hair looks like. Just so long as we can see your eyes. :D


  1. Hey look on the bright side at least Josh won't only be known for his eyes, voice, smile, and cuteness he will also be known for the changes of his hair haha :)

    Great post BTW, I had to really laugh out loud after reading!!!

  2. Hi Lexi. Nice post of Josh's hair. It does changes.I can hardly see his eyes in the last pic. But hes a cutie!! ><
    Well, in my school, boys aren't allowed to have long hair like Josh's one.

  3. Awesome post! I agree, his hair was at it's best when they were last in the US, and I still like it in October, but in December it was a little bit too long... If he hasn't got it cut in Epsom I' gonna have to take him to get it trimmed! lol :D
    My mom was asking why I was laughing and I responeded "Josh's hair!" She was a little shocked as I'm normally talking about how amazing it is. She asked if he'd gotten a terrible haircut... lol!

  4. Oh this is so interesting! I can't stop laughing while reading this... You are always a good writer Lexi!:D
    This reminded me of the morning service at St.Philip's on the 19th December. Josh's hair was so long that day so actually I did not recognize him until he sang a solo... I thought it was someone unknown from the men's choir at first. lol
    I visited the church again on the 9th January. This time Josh got his hair cut and it looked almost the same as the picture at the Korean concert. :D

  5. lol Thanks everybody!
    Charmaine, my school is like that, too. The boys' hair can't go past their ears, eyebrows or collar in the back. So right when it starts to get to the length I like, they have to get it cut. lol
    Lucy, that's very interesting. So... calculating... it's now like it was at'll be almost perfect by April. Sweet! :)

  6. Seriously funny stuff. :O) And it's funny you mention your hair-stylist aunt, because as I was reading this post and thinking back to something my barber said to me. Basically he said that hair is one of the first places where teens try to individualize/rebel/assert independence. Be it through hair color, style, length, etc. And he has definitely figured this out over many years and countless bad self-haircuts he has had to repair.:X

    This once again proves that the boys are nothing more than regular teens. Famous regular teens, but regular none the less. LOL.

  7. I like josh's hair at the Arundel concert on May 15th

  8. Hi, Teas! Thanks for stopping by! You are, of course, right also. Josh's hair is great in every picture...cause it's attached to him! lol I have straight hair, so I like curly hair, and his just curls when it's longer. But that's just me. :)

  9. I remember when I saw his hair in their TV appearance in December last year, and thinking: "Josh, you REALLY need a haircut!" haha XD I thought it was terrible that all that hair covered his beautiful face and eyes! But I like his other haircuts before December, and in some way I think he looks great with the very short hair, because it makes him look very manly :P but I still enjoy his adorable baby-face with long hair ;D