Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Peace Deluxe Now Available in the US

Peace Deluxe has now arrived in the US! So if you've been waiting to buy it, now is the time! Our local Barnes & Noble store just got it in today! It's in their Classical Vocalists section for $16.99. Our Borders does not have it in store.

It is also in stock at Amazon.com! The price is $16.98. Remember to buy it (and everything else you buy on Amazon) through Libera's snip url so that Libera gets a commission. Just click here to buy Peace Deluxe, and Libera will get the commission.

I also found it available at these sites:

Barnes and Noble         $15.29         link
CD Universe                  $15.39         link
Dearborn Music            $12.78         link
Tower Records              $16.98         link

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