Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oli Putland Wrote Back to Me!

Before I posted about Oliver Putland, I wrote to him to see if he would like to check it and make any corrections. And he wrote back to me!!!!

He is so nice and funny and interesting! Wow! I corrected some of the article which you can read here.  I had his starting date totally wrong. I will print his VERY interesting letter IF he says it is OK. Thank you for writing to me, Oli! You're the best! :D


  1. All i have say is that is soo cool!!! it shows that he still willing to talk/ be recognised for his efforts throughout his years in LIBERA!!! :)
    congratulations - Amre

  2. This is great. I'm happy for you to get this chance to speak with one of the former Libera main choristers! ^_^ But I guess you couldn't share the letter, could you?