Monday, January 31, 2011

Oliver Putland

OK, I know we all LOVE the current Libera members, but I am trying to learn my Libera history while things are quieter with Libera right now. So here is my next former member profile. If I got anything wrong, please let me know.  :)

Oliver Putland was a chorister and soloist in Angel Voices (Libera's old name) from 1987-1993. He was born in 1979, so that would mean he started singing at age 7 or 8 until he was 14! And what a voice he had!

The earliest video I can find of him is a Christmas 1991 appearance on a TV show called "Going Live." The St. Philip's Choir does the happiest version of "Winter Wonderland!" Oliver is the tallest one on the front row. He is wearing blue with gold tinsel hanging crookedly around his neck. To the left of him is Anthony Maher. Oliver jumps up and down around 1:03 and 1:08. lol  He makes it all look so fun!  :D

During the summer of 1992, Angel Voices/St. Philip's Boys Choir appeared on Alan Titchmarsh's BBC TV show "Titchmarsh on Song." It was a 6-part series exploring religious music-making in Britain. Oliver sang the solo for the show's opening song, "Praise to the Lord." If you click here you can watch all 12 of Angel Voices songs from the show. I noticed that Oliver is the soloist for nearly every one. His "O For the Wings of a Dove" is amazing!

Another video from these shows is "Pie Jesus." It has a short interview with Oliver at the beginning. You'll see Aled Jones there also! Oliver then sings from a church balcony. Daren Geraghty (Steven's older brother) and Anthony Maher join in.

Angel Voices also released an album in 1992 titled "Angel Voices." 

Of the 20 songs on this album, Oliver is the lead soloist for at least 14 of them. Some call this his solo album.  :) The same album was re-released in 1993 under a different record label.

Then in the summer of 1993, Angel Voices appeared on the TV show "Thora on the Straight and Narrow." This was a 4-part series where Thora and the boys explore the narrow path to Heaven and the wide road to Hell. This is a beautiful video of "Amazing Grace" with Oliver singing the solo at the beginning.

After singing with Angel Voices, Oliver went on to perform in musicals with the South Manchester Amateur Operatic Society in Manchester, England. Click here to read a review from 2004 that mentions him in "La Cage Aux Folles." I also read somewhere that he appeared in "Oliver!" but don't see him mentioned in that review.

This is a picture of him from around 2004.

Well, Oliver is apparently not just a talented singer. He grew up to become an artist and animator, too! He actually started working toward this goal when he was about 12 years old!

He has worked as an animator for 10 years. Part of that on the "Bob the Builder" cartoon! My 4-year-old cousin LOVES Bob the Builder! :D  He currently works for Aardman Animation which produces "Wallace and Gromit."

I know he has done animation for the shows "Shaun the Sheep"

and "Timmy Time." 

He has a really cool website you can view here, and a YouTube channel with some of his other animation on it. This is a clever cartoon he did called "Foley Flip."

It's really nice to see that a former chorister has gone on to do great things! :)


  1. Thanks you for having information on the old Libera members, while i have been a fan for many years- i do not know that much information on the old members of libera and i do find it very interesting!

  2. Thank you, Amre! I find it interesting, too! The songs on the older CD's are so beautiful. And when I watch those old videos, I want to know who each boy is. Thank you for stopping by! :)

  3. Oliver Putland is an admirable singer, I like his voice very much! I pray for him that he is fine. Thank you for your information, Amre!

  4. I do so love your blog. Right now, however, when I open the site, I find I'm stuck on the new year's and Christmas video page every time, when the site used to open to the most recent entry. Anything I can do about that?

  5. Hi Symeonsalos! I like Oliver's voice, too! I don't know if he is still singing, but he is a very talented artist. Lexi :)

    Hi, Amie! I am so sorry that it is not uploading for you correctly. That's weird. Are you typing in the blog address or coming in through another site? I tried logging out and entered, and it came up for me just fine. Same on my mom's computer. We use Internet Explorer. Do you have something different like Firefox, Safari or Chrome. Would that do it? I don't know. :/ Sorry.

  6. It would be nice if you could remember every libera boy by name, but it would be almost impossible to do so. So eventually over time, the main soloists stand out and stamp their own legacy to that period of SPBC/AV and now Libera. Oliver Putland was one of the first main soloists in the famous group from South London and even though it was only short it almost certainly puts him in the top echelon of Libera soloists.

  7. Lexi, I'm now able to access the current site (thanks for your suggestions, and I love your articles), but I'm now beginning to find the playing of "Exultate" every time I open it kind of annoying. I could use the mute button of course, but I want to listen to the Joe Snelling rap and other videos, and can't figure out how to turn off the "Exultate." Can you help me with this as well?


  8. Hi Amie! Glad you can get to the current page now! I understand about the iPod player. Just click on the bottom button to stop the player (the one with a right arrow and 2 lines), and then you can play Joe's video. Hope this helps. :)

  9. Thanks, that was interesting. Do you know what Daren Geraghty and Anthony Maher are doing, are they an artist as well?