Thursday, January 13, 2011

Helpful Websites

I'd like to highlight 2 websites that are very helpful in researching anything about Libera. Others may find them useful, too. (Even though I still can't figure out who those last 2 boys are in the Luminosa picture.) lol 

The 1st is "The Boy Choir and Soloist Directory," also known as BCSD, at It's a massive site with everything about every single boy choir or soloist known to man. :) Pretty much. First you can go to the Libera/Angel Voices/St. Philip's page here, and click on the country flag at the top if you want to change the language. This page shows all the CD's Libera has done. When you click on a song, it gives you that song's lyrics. If you click on a Libera soloist's name, it gives you his picture, profile and recordings he's done. BCSD also has lots of other great links on the right side of Libera's page.

The other site I love is Libera's World at This is a site that Inna put together. It has all available Libera videos from 1984 to the present. What a history lesson THAT is! She also has pictures of Libera members and a list of concert dates from 2005 to the present. Everything is so nicely organized, too!

I appreciate all the hard work that went into both of these sites! Thank you to them!

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  1. hi again, lexi. this is amazing work!! i still haven't checked these sites as it's quite late now but will certainly do it tomorrow. that's very kind (and nice) of you to put so much work in integrating pictures/videos/interviews of our favorite choirboys. i just hope they are aware of what you & the other fans are doing for the group. keep it up. your site certainly deserves a recognition! and thank you so much again on behalf of the other libera fans in the phils. best regards.