Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ben in O Sanctissima on SOP

In the middle of a cold winter comes this little ray of warmth and happiness! Libera appeared on the Songs of Praise TV show today! They sang O Sanctissima which was recorded in Arundel Cathedral in October.

Well, this video is all about Ben for me. It seems that the song was shortened a little from the version on the Peace CD, possibly to make a time limit, but that's OK. First, I love the effect of Ben walking back and forth in front of the sunlight at the beginning! Now you see him, now you just see a glow. I love when the camera zooms in on him, because I love to watch his dimpled face. He always has that little hint of a grin when he sings. Like he's up to no good.  :)

It's cool how they filmed through the balcony latticework looking down on the choir below. It's also fun to see who sings what parts when you watch the video. And is it me, or is mini James starting to look so old?!

It's so cute how Ben towers over all the little guys at the front! Dylan and Cassius are just peeking around Ben's arms. Remember when he was "mini" Ben, and HE was that little guy? :)  It makes you realize how big he has gotten.

Ben has always had such an amazing voice. He's had some great solos and is such a fun and funny member of Libera. I don't know if this is his last solo or not, but the feeling you get is that the little ones are being highlighted. They'll be taking his place someday. Not sure I'm quite ready for he and the older boys to go yet, but each will when their time is right.  :'(

Thank you Libera for another beautiful song and video! And thank you, Ben, for your years of great work in Libera! Hope we get to see you and your dimpled smile in the US again!


  1. It was really good description of the video!! But I never even realised it was Mini James!! He looks so much older than he did before! :'(

  2. Mini James looks the same to me. He's still cute eventhough he looks older ;)

  3. Hi Charmaine! Definitely still cute! He probably always will be. :)

  4. what a lovely review... very informative. hey lexi i duno if it's just me who noticed it. But alfie and flynn have been missing since the Arundel concert. It's a sad news if they left Libera. I hope u cud write an entry about the 2 of them here in ur blog.


  5. Hmmm. Will see what I can do. Thanks for stopping by Dale! :)

  6. "...Like he's up to no good. :) (Ben)

    Ahahahaha!!!!! I agree.....