Friday, January 7, 2011

Libera on Songs of Praise January 16!!!

Update: Libera just posted on their Facebook page

"Look out for Libera on BBC-TV on Sunday 16th January when the boys will be singing 'Sanctissima' in a 'Songs of Praise' from Arundel Cathedral."

So it IS O Sanctissima! Will it be sung by Ben?

On January 16 at 5:00 p.m. the BBC One TV show Songs of Praise with have a feature on the town of Arundel. "Sally Magnusson discovers the historical secrets of the Sussex market town, and introduces hymns from the Roman Catholic Cathedral and a sparkling performance from Libera."

I wonder if this will be the Eternal Light video that they shot outside or something else filmed inside Arundel. dani on the Dreams forum said someone told her Libera filmed "O Sanctissima" in Arundel in October. Can't wait to find out! Thank you to treble53 from the French forum for finding this! And thank you dani!  :)


  1. That's great news!!
    What a good start of the year for Libera!!

  2. It'll be a warm disctraction in the period of my exams :)

  3. Hi, Alex & Colin! I have final exams coming up too. Mine are Jan. 10-14, so this can be my reward! Hope you do well Colin!

  4. Good luck with you're exams Colin and Lexi!!

    BTW I am still wondering whether i should go to Epsom for the Libera concert but i am still not sure!! I am an American student studying abroad here in England (its my first time here in the UK) on my its hard to adapt the way of life all by myself and i still dont know my way around...but I still want to go to the concert (it will be my first Libera concert if I go)lol!!

  5. Thank you, Alex! :)

    You should definitely go to the Epsom concert! That would be so awesome!!!

    Do you belong to the Libera-Dreams forum? If not, I would suggest you go to and join. There are now 31 people from the forum going to the Epsom concert. They are from UK, US, Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany and Latvia. They haven't all met before, but they give each other advice on what trains to take, where to stay, etc. They may be meeting each other before the concert since there's assigned seating and they won't have to line up hours ahead of time.

    Oh, I hope you can go! I would if I could! :D Let me know!

  6. Thx Lexi and Alex.

    I went to the London concert and i'm still doubting if I would go to the Epsom concert. I'd like to go but normally I can't because of school.
    @Alex. You really should go! Look at national railway how to get in Epsom. It's not that hard. And the Epsom playhouse is just next to the railway station.

  7. hi lexi. thanks for informing about the BBC appearance. however, i'm still wondering what time could this be as there is an 8-hour difference between london/manila time. i should start watching around 4pm (mla time) as that would be 8am (london time). hah hah

    i just dropped by my blog today and saw your comments. sorry for the late reply. i altered my settings after getting some nasty comments from an obscene fanatic. i really can't recall now where or who furnished me with the "skateboard" thing. i took fancy of it & placed the pic on my blog. it looked cute! i also am not familiar with the older boys who are now ex-libera members. i'm only familiar with the boys who came in the 2009 libera concert. regards.

  8. Lol Mrs. Guzman! Can you get SOP on TV there? We have to wait til it's on YouTube.

    Maybe the skateboard pic was on Libera360 at some point. They had a lot of good pictures on there. Miss that. Wonder if they'll ever be back up. I'm working on learning who the older boys are, too. :)

  9. I live in Victoria, Capital of British Columbia Canada. I would love to see you perform here or Vancouver.
    I am a great fan. I know you are performing in Ontario at this time.