Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Libera Video on the ClassicFM Hall of Fame

ClassicFM has posted a video by Ralph, Kavana and Cassius talking us through their nomination for this year's Classic FM Hall of Fame! But it's not Robert Prizeman! lol  Isn't that who we've been suggesting? Classic FM says, "If only they can get the composer's name right!"  :)

They are nominating Saint Saëns' "The Organ Symphony." Cassius says Saint Saëns "is a very weird name, but it's OK because he's French." Hahaha! Cassius is so funny and.........so tall! Oh my word! He grew so much! Seriously, he must be standing on a box.  :)

Kavana says, "As Libera, we've sung our own version of this piece. And, being old school, we've included the words of 'Gloria.'"

Cassius says, "But it's in Latin, so it's much different to other songs."

Ralph says, "I personally like it, because it's just so high and we can let our voices go free. But also in the orchestra version, it just goes WHOOSH! And it just blows your mind. And you just think WOW! It's like you've had a sip of ?" Sorry his accent is fooling me there. ???

Kavana says, "It's loud, it's dramatic, and that's why we chose 'The Organ Symphony' by Saint Saëns."

Then they proceed to argue over how to say Saint Saëns.  :D

Thank you to Fan de LoK on how to type the ë. It's Alt 137 (in case I forget).   :)


  1. Ralph says, "It's like you've had a sip of Listerine."

  2. Hmmm...now that you mention that, it DOES sound like he says "a sip of Listerine." I guess it also goes WHOOSH and blows your mind. :D

  3. Hello Lexi dear,
    How are you? Thanks for posting this video. Always happy to see something new from the boys. You're right, Cassius suddenly grew taller, almost same height as Kavana now. I think I heard Ralph said, "a sip of VICTORY" not sure though. Anyways, just dropping by to say Hi! to you and mom Lauren. Hope you guys are doing great. God bless!

  4. I'm not able to transcribe what Ralph is saying in English, but I can testify that his pronounciation of "Saint Saëns" is quite perfect :)

  5. Haha! Listerine. This was absolutely hysterical. I quite like Cassius in this. His comedic timing is just dead on and I love how they had to edit out Kavana bursting into a fit of laughter after the "Saint Saens" comment. :D Heh... definitely brightened up my otherwise horribly frigid day.

  6. Hi Lala! We are doing great! Except I'm home sick today. How are you! Cassius IS a big kid! He's only 9 1/2, and Kavana just turned 12! Wow!

    Hi Fan de LoK! Glad to know Ralph pronouces French names the best! Now if we could just figure out his British "sip of Listerine" line. lol And how about Cassius' "it's a very weird line, but it's OK because he's French." :D Yet another shout-out to the French! Do you remember when they left the US, I think, they tweeted "au revoir" or something like that? ;)

  7. Hi tumtum! You must have been typing while I was typing! I agree! Cassius is a VERY funny kid. At the US M&G's he seemed like a really cool kid. Very happy. Same with Kavana and Ralph. Very outgoing and talkative (like me!). lol

    Is it cold where you are? It's really cold in Chicago, too. Brrrr... :)

  8. Thanks so much for posting this! It was a great suprise to check all the Libera sites during lunch on my phone and see this! I finally had something to look forward too when I got home! :D Cassius really shot up! Kinda like my brother who is 8 and already 5 feet tall!
    Hope you and your family are doing well! My family would like to say "Howdy!" to ya'll!

    ps: you're lucky up there in Chicago! It's already getting warm again down here!

  9. Howdy to you too Rebecca! :) This video WAS a nice surprise!

    Yeah, it's cold here, but I like to ski so kinda need snow for that. :D

  10. Thanks so much for post!! Great to see a new Libera video- which was funny!. Love it!

  11. Lexi,

    I wish I could've gone to the concerts while they were touring in the states, but my poor bank account would've had a kiniption. :X Great to know these kids are as gracious in real life as they are when they are filmed. :)Hopefully they make a partial detour into The States this upcoming Canada Tour. Like from Montreal (a 6 hour drive)and detour to Albany (a 2.5 hour drive) Fingers crossed.

    And yes it is absolutely frigid here in NYC! In the single digits all week and 2 days of snow to boot.... Just the thought makes me want to put my scarf on.

    P.S. Now that you mention it , Cassius does seem to be as tall as Kavana. And the idea he is standing on a box doesn't seem plausible because he is walking around gesturing at the end of the clip. Hmmm.

  12. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for stopping by! :)

    Oh, tumtum, I hope you are OK. NYC is getting sooo much snow. Keep warm! And, yeah, Cassius had a major growth spurt. No box needed! :)

  13. Ralph is saying the song it like having a sip of Listerine I think. the mouthwash ;)

  14. Thanks Anon! That's another vote for "Listerine!" Your guess makes the most sense. :)