Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Possible "Southeast Asia" Tour

I've been thinking about what Daniel and mini James said when they were interviewed before Christmas on the "Inspirational Breakfast" radio show. They said that in the New Year they would be going on tours to Southeast Asia and hopefully Canada. What does "Southeast Asia" mean?

The real definition of Southeast Asia is the countries on this map like the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Sometimes it can also include Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan, but it doesn't usually mean Japan or Korea.

Now it COULD mean they want to do another Japan, Korea, Philippines tour like last April. But maybe they will try a new country. It'll be interesting to see where they go.

Also, at the recent UK concerts people could buy Libera's new Peace Deluxe CD, even before it was available elsewhere. If they do go to the Philippines, maybe they will bring those impossible-to-find CD's and sell them there! That would make a lot of people very happy!  :D


  1. If they come here in the Philippines and bring Peace Deluxe I will be very happy! Okay, even if no CDs... they coming here is enough. :)

  2. lol I'd feel the same way! :)