Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Presents

I got some Libera CD's for Christmas!!!!  :)

The top CD is Luminosa released in 2001. It has a really nice sleeve that the CD case fits into, kind of like the Peace Deluxe one. EVERY song on this CD is great! The soloists are Steven Geraghty, Ben Crawley, Sam Coates and Simon Beston.

The bottom left CD is Free released in 2004. The soloists are Ben Crawley, Joseph Platt, Christopher Robson, Anthony Chadney and Raoul Neumann. Andy Winter is one of the adults who currently works behind the scenes for Libera. His two sons, Andrew Winter and Ron Winter, are listed as singers on this CD.

The bottom right CD is Visions released in 2005. The soloists are Tom Cully, Conor O'Donnell, Michael Horncastle, Joseph Sanders-Wilde, Callum Payne and James Vereycken. This is the earliest CD that lists Josh Madine as a singer! :)

This is the picture inside the CD sleeve of Luminosa. Do you see anyone you know? I knew 4 and had to look up the rest. Thank you to lucy and anon for their help, too! Here they are:

Back row: Raoul Neumann, George Tarlton (love the hat!), Sam Coates, Robert Ogilvie, Steven Geraghty, Alasdair Gordon, Simon Lewis, Matthew Winter and Michael Gray.

In front: Joseph Sanders-Wilde, Joseph Platt, Ben Crawley and Christopher Robson.

Can anyone fill in the 2 blanks?

And I got some other great music for Christmas!

I love John Williams music! It has such great French horn parts!  :)


  1. Hi Lexi, this is Lucy. You did get some great presents! I can only fill in two of the blanks. First, the boy beside Raoul with a hat is George Tarlton, and the one between Robert and Alasdair is Steven. And the other beside Alasdair is young Simon Lewis. I have no idea who the other two are. But I guess maybe one of them is Simon Beston? For he had a solo in the song Veni Sancte. :D

  2. Oh, thank you Lucy! We've been searching online for pictures, and now I see George Tarlton has a cleft chin like boy #2! #8 & #9 don't look like Simon Beston. Will keep researching. :)

  3. the two blanks are matthew winter and michael gray
    tut. you call yourself a fan

  4. Hahaha! Thanks Anon! Well I was 7 when the CD came out! You are a very good fan to help me out! :D