Friday, January 28, 2011

Facebook Libera Fan Pages

There are several great Libera fan pages on Facebook. We've already mentioned the French one. The first one I want to mention today is one that my friend, Charmaine, from Malaysia started. You don't have to be from Malaysia though. It's for anyone interested in Libera. This page is in English. Just click here and "Like" this group. You can then join in on the discussions. She is also looking for some responsible people to help out with the page as administrators. :)

While looking at the Malaysian fan page, I noticed there is also a fan page from the Philippines.

I really miss the Libera 360 web site since it closed. I don't know if the same people are running this page, but this may be a great alternative for Filipino fans. Just click here to "Like" their page. It is in English, but sometimes you might see Tagalog.  :)

Next is a page for Libera fans in Indonesia. It is also in English. Click here to "Like" their page. Their current profile picture is different, but I really like the one above with the Indonesian flag and Libera. :)

And last but not least is a fan page from Mexico. This is great for all the people who speak Spanish! I love their profile picture, too. Click here to "Like" their page.

Remember, you can join any or all of these pages. We all love Libera!  :D

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  1. oh!! facebook had so many countrys' fan pages!!
    Korea also has Libera fan cafe in Naver!!
    There are so many fans of libera!!!
    You can visit us!!!hehehe