Monday, February 21, 2011

Libera Japanese Mini Album "Miracle of Life"

A mini album of Libera songs called "Miracle of Life" is being released on April 13 by EMI Japan! There is no picture of the CD cover yet. Thank you to Hagy for information and help with the Japanese translation. It is available for pre-order for 2,000 yen.

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The songs listed are:

1. "Song of Life" - Theme song of "Madonna Verde" (Takatsugu Muramatsu composer, Robert Prizeman lyrics)
Ralph is apparently the main soloist joined by mini James! See here.  Thank you to Fan de LoK for finding this!  :)

2. Far Away (Theme song of "Ice Wall" Takatsugu Muramatsu composer)

3. You Were There (Theme song of movie "Nobody To Watch Over Me" Takatsugu Muramatsu composer)

4. Salva Me (Theme song of NHK drama "Storm One Day")

5. Eternal Light (Theme song of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Shanghai Expo, Akira Senjyu composer)

6. I Am the Day (Ending song of NTV "person who wanting encounters it most in space")

7. and another (not sure what this is)

So, it looks like Libera has at least 1 new song!!!  I can't wait to hear it!!! And it's composed by Takatsugu Muramatsu! He also composed "Far Away" and "You Were There." The new song will be the theme song for a Japanese TV show called "Madonna Verde." It premiers on April 12 at 22 o'clock on the NHK TV station. The next day the mini-album is released as well as Takatsugu Muramatsu's soundtrack album for the show. That is 2,800 yen here.

"Madonna Verde" was originally a book written in 2008. The story is about a grandmother being the surrogate mother and giving birth to her daughter & husband's child. The daughter can't have any children due to sickness. Is that confusing? :)  You can read about the TV show here.

Two of the stars of the TV show. I think they will play the mother and daughter. :)

Please let me know if I have any mistakes on the translations or any other information! Thanks! :)


  1. Nice article, very complete :)
    Thank you Lexi, Lauren and Hagy for all this information :D

    You can enrich it, EMI have updated the Libera page about this new song, it looks like very impressive :)

  2. Thank you Fan de LoK! We have added your extra info. :)

  3. OMG I cannot wait for this album!!!
    Thanks so much for the news!!!!!!!!!!!!
    a new song from Libera *does the happy dance*!!!! ^-^

  4. Thanks Lexi for the great info. I'm sure Libera will do a great video for the new song. I heard the piano version. It sounds very nice.

  5. wow!!
    Wonderful explanation. It is perfect.
    However, the mistake of one is found.
    It is PIANO music that Mr. Fan de LOK taught. It is different from "Song of life" though the title looks like. Please do not make a mistake.

  6. Lexi-san,
    I think the 11th track "Inochi no Uta" is NOT
    the one we look for because this "Inochi no Uta" is NOT new one and used for other drama already.
    "Inochi no Kiseki" must be new one we do not know.
    Anyway, it's fun...
    Jimmy in Japan

  7. Thank you so much, hagy and Jimmy! I don't know what we would do without you both and Teyko as well. Google Translator does not reveal such subtle language differences. I have corrected it. It is a new song! It is very exciting! :)