Thursday, February 24, 2011

Libera Promotion in Japan!?

According to an article on that you can read here, (click on the article from Feb. 25), 6 or 7 members of Libera may be going to Japan to promote the new song "Song of Life"!!! It doesn't say WHEN they are going, but the new song debuts on April 12. I'm guessing Ralph will be going, since he sings the solo. Not sure about the others. This is very exciting for the Japanese fans. Will keep watching for more details. Thank you to Jimmy Riddle for the link and to Hagy for the interpretation!  :D


  1. cool! i'm so excited!! its like the same thing that they did in 2009, where they promote the movie. thx a lot, Lexi!!XD

  2. Hi Charmaine! I'm super excited, too! I can't wait to see who gets to go to Japan and to hear the new song! The Japanese fans are so lucky! :)