Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas 2006 Radio Interview

Aled Jones interviewed Libera on his Good Morning Sunday (Christmas special) radio show in December 2006. You can hear the voices of Josh Madine, Liam Connery, Ben Phillip, Ed Day, Tom Cully and Robert Prizeman. I have a hard time telling the difference between all the boys' voices. (I'm sure THEY can tell.) But I'll do my best. This was posted by LibeLA with special thanks to Jimmy Riddle for sharing the audio links.

Aled: Also crowding around the studio are Josh, Liam, Ben, Ed and Tom. Have I got that right?
Boys: Yes.
Aled: And they are the boys from my favorite boy band, of course, Libera, with their director, Robert Prizeman, hiding in the corner. How are you?
Boys: We're good.
Aled: Are you tired?
Boys: Yes.
Aled: You were singing last night in Midnight Mass. How did it go?
Boys: Kind of cool, ?, so early in the morning.
Aled: And I used to love Midnight Mass for the simple reason that I used to sort of sit there. Just before the bell hit midnight, I used to say to my fellow choristers, "What are you going to get from Father Christmas tomorrow?" And then suddenly the bell would go, "Dong!" And we'd go, "What are you going to get today?" You know it was the latest I was ever up. It just shows how really old-fashioned we were in Ba? Cathedral, I suppose. You've had a fabulous year. You've done all kinds of things. You've got lots of tours lined up in the future as well?
Boy:  Yeah, we're going to Japan. We're going to Germany. Places like that.
Aled: Fantastic.
Boy: Cool places, so cool places.
Aled: A week ago I know you were singing at the Albert Hall with Jose Carreras. Now come on, what was that like?
Boys: It was well good. He makes a big ending of every song. It's so cool. Everyone was, at the end, banging their seats like that. It was well good.
Aled: I think you should pull a few crackers (Christmas poppers with prizes in them). Go on. There you go. Grab a few....I won again.
RP: I won at last.
Aled: I won a huge paper clip. Does anybody want it?
Boys: (happy noises) Ooh, look! What are they called? Marbles!
Aled: Don't eat them! Please.
RP: Dont' lose them either. (That's a joke that means please don't lose your mind.)  :)
Aled: (laughs) No, please don't lose your marbles.
Boys: I got a Japanese fan!
Aled: See! You've got a Japanese fan for your trip to Japan! It was meant to be.
RP: That's extraordinary. What a coincidence that is.
Aled: I think you've just knocked out your musical director, but hey-ho! They're two a penny!
RP: (laughing)
Aled: Any jokes?
Josh: What kind of birds can write?
Aled: I don't know. What kind of bird can write?
Josh: A PENguin.
Aled: Oh dear.
Tom: (not sure what he says)
Aled: They really are. Any more?
Liam: Why didn't the skeleton go to the New Year's Eve party?...He had no BODY to go with.
Aled: (laughs)
RP: That's not bad.
Aled: You won the prize, and for that you have a chocolate Father Christmas.
Boys: (gasps)
Aled: That was a tremendous joke. Well done. Help yourselves to some of these chocolates before you go.
Boys: Oh, yes, please. I'm getting that one.
Music: "Silent Night"
Aled: It could only be Libera singing "Silent Night." And they're back. Tom, Josh, Liam, Ben and Ed. What do you feel like when you hear yourself singing like that?
Boys: You feel like it just sounds different.
Aled: Are you proud that your voices are on record?
Tom?: It's really good, cause your like friends go, "Oh yeah, I've got a CD out." And they go, "What?!" He goes, "Yeah?" I'm like, "Yes."
Boy: They say stuff like, "Ah, I saw your face in Sainsbury's."
Tom: And they're like, "In the meat section." (everyone laughs)
Aled: It's quite unusual on this CD, the Angel Voices one, is that your photos are on the front for the first time. So you've been anonymous up until now.
Boys: I know. It's kind of cool. We've revealed ourselves.
Aled: You just carry on.
Boys: Oh, yes. Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Aled: We'll just run into Kerry W's show. He won't mind at all. Now one question, Thomas, I'm NOT going to ask you is, "What are you going to do when your voice breaks?" I used to get that ALL the time as a choir boy. It used to drive me mad. Do you get it?
Tom: Sometimes it's like I don't think about it at all. It's like, "What am I going to do?" And I don't know myself. I'm just going to go, "Yes," and just walk away. Actually I've changed my answer. I'm going to make a hit album.
Aled: Is that what you've decided to do?
Tom: Yes called "Tom."
Aled: Just "Tom?"
Tom: Just "Tom."
Aled: I think Tom Jones might have done that before you, but I'm not quite sure. But you'll sell more than him anyway.
Tom: Definitely.
Aled: (laughs)
Tom: By far.
Aled: But your ambition, by the sounds of things, is to carry on singing with Libera?
Tom: Yeah.
Aled: You seem to all love it.
Boys: Yes. We're all good.
Aled: And good luck in Japan.
Boys: Thank you.
Aled: You get the best gigs. I think I've got Southend and Worthing coming up. But you know, it's with joy in my heart that I go to these places. You, Japan! Fair enough. Well, you're all going home for Christmas now. What are you hoping for?
Josh: Electronic stuff.
Boys: That's all of the cool stuff this year. Yes.
Tom: An iPod? Why do you want an iPod? Do you have a PSP, Josh? You have videos, MP3, pictures. What else do you need?
Aled: He's trouble, isn't he? Well, listen, happy Christmas to all of you. Thanks so much for coming in this morning. Let's pull a few more crackers. I know that you've been eyeing up the chocolate all morning.
Boy: We have.
Aled: So feel free. There we go! You won one! Well done. (noises) A circular dice?. There is a theme going on here.
Boy: A pack of cards! A pack of cards!
Aled: Well listen. You're already into the chocolate, I see. Feel free to take everything. We've got a little bag of minced pies for you as well. There you go. For you to nibble on the way back home. You haven't got very far to go, I know that. Have you got a message for everyone listening at home from Libera?
Boys: Merry Christmas!
Aled: Thanks guys for coming in. Merry Christmas to you, too.
Boys: Merry Christmas. Oh, thank you, Ed.
Aled: Well, as the boys tuck into their chocolate, let's have some music, shall we? This is Brenda Lee. I might have a bit of chocolate myself.


  1. I didn't know they did this radio interview in 2006! but i wish i can hear the 2010 radio interview with the older boys.

  2. I think that one of the boys says Sainsbury's (which is a British store) where you have St.? in the transcript.

  3. Oh, thanks so much! I don't know British football teams, and I don't know British stores. (except the ones also here in America.) lol I was hoping someone would let me know what that was. Will fix it. Thanks! :)

  4. I've never heard this radio interview before. Another Christmas treat ;) Tom Cully was doing most of the talking, and sometimes I could hear Josh and Liam, but I didn't hear Ben and Ed at all :O But I guess they just didn't say anything but was in the room..? Even though (Mini)Ben usually talk quite a lot (btw is it Ben Crawley or Mini-Ben?) but maybe he wasn't as talkative back in 2006.. I don't know, hehe. I thought it was funny to hear that Josh is such a electronics geek, and Tom commenting "What else do you need?!" and Tom saying that he will make a hit album called "Tom", haha, I wonder if he's going to keep his word ;p

  5. Keekii - you're better at knowing their voices than I am! Yes, it's mini Ben. Will be interesting to see if Tom Cully DOES call his first album "Tom." We may find out soon. :)