Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Libera on BBC Breakfast!!!

This is an interview on the BBC Breakfast TV show with Freddie, mini James, Ralph, Kavana, Jakob, Daniel, Josh and Stefan!

The host introduced them as "one of Britain's best choirs." While showing a clip of "Deep Peace," they played musical chairs and put little Freddie up front on the couch since we couldn't see him very well in the back. During the interview mini James, Josh, Kavana, and Daniel told about their ages, how long they've been in the choir, how often they practice (1 hour 4-5 times a week), and what kind of songs they sing. Then they played an older clip of their signature song, "Libera."

Next there was more interview time, and Kavana mentioned that he was only 7 years old when they sang at Yankee Stadium for the Pope and a crowd of 70,000! They talked about their popularity and sell-out concerts in Japan. Mini James said, "The people are really, really friendly, and they just give so much support. You just really like them."  :) 

Then they sang "In the Bleak Midwinter" a cappella! Ralph sang solo at the beginning, and it looks like mini James sang solo at the end. It sounded really nice with beautiful harmonies! And Josh's hair is really, really long! He gave everyone their notes and directed them in the beginning! He can come conduct our choir any time!  :)  Another great appearance by Libera!


  1. hi lexi. i viewed this today and felt terribly disappointed and slighted, too. i'm just speaking for myself here and not representing any filipino libera fan. something went wrong about how kavana was praising the japanese (no offense) & their successful concerts in japan while the video showed their first philippine concert at the PICC plus a swing at the M & G in cebu. i hope libera management will correct this next time - give credit where credit is due. and "philippines" wasn't even mentioned where in fact all their concerts here were a success, too. there's a video clip for every concert held & there was one in japan, so i hope this was shown instead of the one held here. i don't blame kavana as he was also instructed on what to say. but to whoever was responsible to show that video clip should take a lesson or two on responsible media matters. thanks again, lexi.

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  3. I'm so happy that you share this with us. I've been hungry for some Libera Christmas tv appearance all December!
    I was surprised when they started singing just sitting in the sofa. But the filming could have been better, they didn't even show a close-up of Freddie at all (did they?) and I missed Ben! but I'm happy Josh was there at least.. He's such a cutie.

  4. Oh, Mrs. Guzman. Please don't be upset. The host specifically asked them about Japan for some reason, so that's why they talked about that. Libera and everyone else knows how great the fans are in the Pines. :)

    Anonymous - thanks for stopping by! :)

    Hi, Keekii! I'm not sure why they sat on the couch to sing. Maybe the studio wasn't set up for them to stand. ??? Ben may be on vacation. And I'm glad Josh was there, too! :D

  5. hi lexi. regarding my comments here, everything is settled. andy winter explained to me why this happened & i clearly understood.

  6. Wow, Mrs. Guzman! That's so nice that he let you know! See, they DO love the Philippines & the fans there. :)