Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You Can Help Libera Earn Commission

Libera just posted to their Facebook page:

"Thank you to all those who make their Amazon purchases via our link. We receive a small commission from Amazon on everything sold this way. You don't need to do anything special - just go to and shop as usual."

"It applies to anything you buy - not just our CDs..."

Cool! So if you're shopping on FOR ANYTHING, not just their CD's, go through Libera's link and Libera will get commission for it!!!! Amazing!!! That's awesome!!!  :D


  1. Wow I'm going to do that. Does that also apply to Amazon UK?

  2. Hey, Keekii. Yes, I believe so. On Libera's blog at there is a link to Amazon UK on the right. If you go through that link, they should get the commission for anything you buy, not just Libera CD's. :)

  3. Good to know! Btw do you know if there is any difference, when you buy Libera CD's from Amazon or Amazon sellers? Do I support Libera if I buy from a seller? I don't mind paying a little extra by buying from Amazon instead of a seller, if that means I support Libera the most. I hope my question made any sense.

  4. Without asking Libera I can't know for sure, but Amazon pays Affiliates 4%-10% commission quarterly on any products purchased through their link. I think this DOES include Amazon sellers, because the commission is paid out of Amazon's profit margin. There are a few instances where Libera would need a direct link on their website to certain outside sellers. ~Lauren (Lexi's mom)