Thursday, December 23, 2010

Peace Deluxe USA Update

The website says Peace Deluxe will be released in the US on February 15, 2011. It is available for pre-orders at $31.01 here.


  1. hi, lexi :) good news!! i've found the peace deluxe cd that is our currency :D!!! here's the link. ignore the track listing coz its wrong. he he :)

  2. Hi, Charmaine! Wow, good find! And it just came out Dec. 23! Did you order it? Does the description worry you at all? It's totally different. Let me know when you get it! Hope it works out. :)

  3. thx^_^ nope, i haven't yet. still thinking about it. the only thing that worries me is the money and my mom's permission. that's all.