Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Libera on "This Morning" TV Show!!!

Libera appeared on the ITV television show "This Morning!"

There were 12 boys - Freddie, Jakob, Stefan, Ralph, mini James, Cassius, Kavana, Carlos and Daniel in the front, and Matthew R-A, Sammy and Luke up in the back.  They sang "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," and it was just beautiful! I loved everything about this! Mini James sang the solos at the beginning, middle and end and did a great job. I could hear Daniel singing the "aah's." The set was all sparkly and festive in gold and white. Their white robes looked great there. And all the boys looked like they really enjoyed being there and singing. I'm smiling really big! Thanks for the great Christmas gift Libera!  :D


  1. hello again, lexi. with your permission, i posted this to my FB account for the others to see. this is my favorite x'mas song, by the way. thanks so much again.

  2. I really enjoyed this performance. Ah I'm feeling all fuzzy and warm after watching this<3
    I think mini-James already has grown so much since last time I saw him! and he has developed a lot in his singing, he's really good!
    Also Freddie and Cassius seems to have grown quite a bit, which is no surprise as they are so young and grow every minute, haha. I'm very happy they performed this particular song, as it's also one of my favorites.
    I think the filming was very nice, as they filmed everyone so we got to see everyone's happy and smiling faces :) Ahh I love Libera!<3 Thank you for giving us this as an early Christmas present ;)and thank you Lexi for posting this video, you are so quick! Earlier today I watched the other video and then a few hours later you have already posted a new one - very nice!

  3. Feel free, Mrs. Guzman. I'm sooo glad someone taped these UK shows and put them on YouTube for us! :)

    Keekii - I really liked this one, too. They just look so happy. It's funny you mention growing. I think Jakob looks like he's grown a lot, too! :)

  4. Once again, Libera maintains their standard of outstanding excellence in this performance! All the boys are delightful, and sing beautifully. I'm so pleased that James Mordaunt is the featured soloist. His voice is beautiful! I'm truly proud of him, and of all the supporting singers. Thank you, Lexi, for posting this wonderful video!

  5. A nice performance! For me it's strange to see the 'new' libera because I only know the group since a few months ago. So on the dvd in Leiden I saw Ed, Tom, Liam... but that's already a recording from 2007. Almost 4 years ago. I just need to get used to it :). But also these guys sing amazing!

  6. Hi, Tom! Mini James did a great job! And "delightful" is a great way to describe them! :)

    Hi, Colin! I was the same way. My first Libera song was Leiden "Going Home." I was a little sad to hear that Jonathan, Liam and Tiarnan were in the black robes at the 9 Lessons service. That may mean that they've "moved up." But once you get to see how "delightful" and talented the newer ones are, you keep on loving Libera. And it's really exciting to see the little newbies joining. :)