Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sam Coates

Steven Geraghty & Sam Coates 2002 - "Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day"

It's always great to hear about former Libera members going on to be successful. Sam Coates was a Libera member from 1997-2005 (I'm not positive on those dates). He is 22 years old now and still works for Libera behind the scenes. (I actually met him at the Nashville concert!) He is listed, along with Ian Tilley and Robert Prizeman, as a producer and audio mixer of the Peace album. I found a website for Best Shot Theatre that wrote about him:

"Sam is an established singer and pianist, a multi-instrumental woodwind player, a music teacher, producer, music technologist and both choral and musical director. As a member of the World Famous Boy Choir 'Libera', he toured Europe and the Far East extensively where the group have had No.1 records. He has recorded six albums with them and has sung on film soundtracks such as Romeo and Juliet and Hannibal. He has recorded with artists such as Bjork, Elton John, Pavarotti and Hayley Westenra. Now he is a freelance producer for the group and for other classical crossover artists including Aled Jones. He has musically directed amateur and youth groups such as the Magdalene Players, Purley Youth Theatre and Graveney School - including West Side Story and Bugsy Malone."

Fuchsia - Sam is on the left

Sam has now helped to form a 5-member a cappella group called Fuchsia. They have a nice classical/jazz sound. On December 22, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. they will be singing Christmas a cappella music in the Front Room of Queen Elizabeth Hall on the Southbank, London.

You can click on the links to view their website, Facebook page and MySpace page. Each page also has nice samples of their music.


  1. wow! he's gotten famous :) i hope tom too can be famous like him

  2. It's great to hear how much work he countinues to do with, and without Libera! His new group, Fuchsia, is really good! I love their sound.
    It's cool that he's helped out with a few musicals! I'm in Bugsy Malone right now, and we could sure use Sam's help!

  3. I agree, Charmaine! Tom is only 16. It'll be cool to see what he's doing in the next 6 years. :) You'll do great, Rebecca!

  4. Don't worry, Lexi. I'm sure he's famous right now. I see most singers became famous from their early childhood days. Btw, I send an email to your mom. do reply soon