Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Peace Deluxe USA Release

Well, the December 7th US release date for Peace Deluxe has come and gone. I know that many people in different countries are having a difficult time finding Peace Deluxe. As you know from prior posts, we ordered ours from HMV in Japan. But we wondered if the rest of America would be able to buy it starting yesterday.

We went to Borders Bookstore (which always carries Libera) and Barnes & Noble Bookstore last night. I didn't think we'd find a huge Libera display, but there's NO Peace Deluxe in sight! We had employees of each store look it up. It's nowhere in their systems! Nothing at BestBuy either. The B&N guy said it looks like it's available only through 

The US and Canada Amazon sites both show Peace Deluxe as "Temporarily Out of Stock." When you go to Libera's Facebook page and click on Peace Deluxe, orders through the US or Canada Amazon send you directly to

So here is a compilation of sites we know carry Peace Deluxe -

USA            Amazon                   $16.98              Release date Feb. 15, 2011  link

Canada              $18.99              Release date Feb. 15, 2011  link

UK*             12.99 BPS       In Stock  link *
                   HMV                          12.99 BPS       In Stock  link

France       VirginMega                9.99 Euros     Appears to be In Stock  link 
                   FNAC                         9.99 Euros     Appears to be In Stock  link
                           Currently unavailable   link

Germany              27.98 Euros     In Stock  link
                               24.99 Euros     In Stock  link

Italy            Space1999records   16.10 Euros     Backordered  link 

Japan               3372 Yen         In Stock  link 
                              2698 Yen         In Stock  link

So. Korea     YesAsia                   $21.99              In Stock  link

Singapore    HMV Citylink Store    ?                   Someone bought it there

*by ordering through this particular link to, Libera gets a percentage of the sale.

To get the Japanese green Peace Deluxe - New Edition with the extra Japan video footage -

Japan only          2809 Yen         In Stock  link
                           3500 Yen         In Stock  link
                               3500 Yen         In Stock  link 

If anyone knows of any other places to find Peace Deluxe, please let us know.  :)


  1. I went to Barnes and Nobel last night, as well as a few other stores that normally carry Libera, but the same is here, no Peace Deluxe at all!! I luckly already got mine from Amazon UK, and I'm glad I didn't wait to buy it in the store! Thanks so much for the links,I'm sure they'll help people get their copy even sooner!

  2. Hey, Rebecca! Glad you got yours, too! So many people want to buy it but can't find it in the stores. So hopefully they can find a way to order it online. Sure would make a great Christmas gift for a Libera fan! :)

  3. Sadly, Amazon in America won't bless us with Peace Deluxe for Christmas this year. If we're in luck, maybe they will reach us by Christmas 2011.
    (I'm getting too old for this...)

  4. Hi, Les. I'm sorry that Amazon still does not have Peace Deluxe. Did you want to try ordering it from It would ship out in only 2 days or so. If not, you can always hear the songs on YouTube until then. Hope Amazon hurries and that you have a good Christmas anyway. :)

  5. Les - Amazon's website now says the US release date is Feb. 15, 2011. It is available for pre-order. Make sure to go through Libera's link so they get commission. If you go to my posting from today about this, click on the word "here" and they will get the commission. :)