Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Interview on "Inspirational Breakfast" Radio Show

Wow, these boys sure have been busy during their Christmas vacation! Daniel and Mini James did an interview on a radio show called "Inspirational Breakfast!" The radio show's website says, "Cute choirboys Libera, stars of BBC's 'Last Choir Standing' and dubbed "the ordinary boys who sing like angels", will be providing the seasonal soundtrack." Thank you to Inna for uploading it to YouTube! :)

Daniel and mini James did a really good job! Daniel says the highlight of his time in Libera was appearing on the "Last Choir Standing" TV show. When asked to explain how the choir gets new members, Daniel says, "If someone's really talented in Libera, they would automatically go into the main group. But when you're like 7, (and he says to mini James) like you were to start off with, we trained him up and now he's good." Isn't that so sweet! I love Daniel! :)

Daniel's favorite Peace song is "Lullaby," and mini James' favorite is "When a Knight Won His Spurs." The host asked what's the worst thing Libera ever did that the choir master knew nothing about. They were both pretty quiet. Ha! Are these 2 hiding something? Or are they just really, really good, and he asked the wrong boys that question. lol

I did not know that they sing at St. Philip's but tend to move to different churches maybe every couple of weeks to do different services.

And yes, they do get the gifts that fans give them at M&G's. Daniel says the best presents have been "massive, cuddly bears saying 'Well Done.'" And mini James likes the "loads of letters from everyone."  :)

Now for the big news! They said that coming up in the new year they are GOING ON TOURS TO SOUTHEAST ASIA AND HOPEFULLY CANADA!!!  Could someone please help all the Canadians up off the floor cause they just fainted! lol  Not sure when these concerts would be. Spring? Summer? What does this mean for another USA concert? Maybe they would connect a Canada and USA trip! Can't wait to find out!!! But this makes a LOT of people very happy to hear!  :D


  1. really? they're coming to asia again?! that's good news!!! :D thx, lexi.
    btw, i've made a christmas card for you and your family. i haven't send it yet but i hope you like it.

  2. southeast asia.......>>>>>>philippines!!!!!

  3. In this conversation, it is wonderful to hear the speaking voices of James Mordaunt and Daniel Fontannaz! They speak naturally as beautifully as they sing. They express themselves well, and are most informative. (It would be intriguing to know what the Libera boys REALLY do behind the scenes just being themselves!) But, Daniel peaked my interest when he mentioned a possible tour to Southeast Asia and Canada in the next year! Perhaps to also include the United States? We certainly hope so!

  4. Yes, Asia is great news...if you live in Asia! :D

    Aww, thank you, Charmaine. You're so nice! Hope you have a great Christmas! :)

    I thought Daniel and mini James did a great job also.

  5. This radio interview is a really nice Christmas extra goodie ^^ I think Daniel seems like such a nice guy and James is just adorable to both look at and listen to :D But "When a Knight" is not on the Peace album is it? When he said that was his favorite on the album I got a bit confused, haha! ^^;

    P.S. I have made four Libera wallpapers which I have posted on my blog, please check them out if you have time ;)

  6. Oh, I like your blog very much, Keekii! And the wallpapers are so good! So Ben is your favorite. Have you ever met him before? He is very funny and nice! :D

  7. Thank you very much Lexi, I love your blog too! and thank you for complementing my wallpapers (I will maybe make some more, it's fun!).
    I have not met Ben, because I have never met Libera. I first discovered Libera the 1st of December 2010, and therefore I haven't got the chance to meet the members yet. But I would very much like to meet them! And Ben really do seem funny and nice in the videos, and it's good to know he's like that to the fans as well ;)