Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Canada Tour Programs For Sale!

There are Libera Canada 2011 Tour programs left over that are now for sale on ebay! We bought several of them at the concerts. They are really good quality and have the words to all the songs and portrait pictures of all the boys. Click here to view the ebay page. Wish they'd do this for all the concerts!

The programs have already been paid for, so all proceeds of the ebay sale go to Libera. The price is $2 Canadian each. Postage and packaging is as follows:

Canada: 1 Program ($2.85); 2 Programs ($3.75); 3 Programs ($4.10); 4 Programs ($4.50); 5+ (contact seller)

USA: 1 Program ($4.00); 2-4 Programs ($7.75); 5+ Programs (contact seller)

International: 1 Program ($7.75); 2-4 Programs ($15.00); 5+ Programs (contact seller)

Thanks to Kent for handling the program sale! :)

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