Monday, May 2, 2011

My Canada Trip

Here's some of my other pictures from the Canada trip. Just pictures with no people in them. =)

I have NEVER seen this! They sell milk in a bag! It's actually 3 little plastic
bags of milk inside 1 big bag. They take it home and pour it into a pitcher!

After running around like moles underground, we did find
an above-ground mall in Toronto called Eaton Centre. Awesome!

We ventured out in the cold and discovered Dundas Square
and that Yonge Street is the longest street in the world!

The drive to Chatham was very rural with lots of farms.
Reminds me of the Midwest in the US. :)

There's a lot of traffic in Toronto!

You don't see billboards like this in the US.

Wrigley's Field?! Am I in Chicago?! lol 

Horseshoe Falls on Canada side. And everyone knows
the view on the Canada side is better.  =) 

Bridal Veil Falls on US side. On the right you can see
people walking down stairs to the river level!

Skylon Tower. Libera was at Niagara Falls the
same day we were! Some other fans saw them and us!

Pretty Japanese garden in Niagara Falls.

View of the falls through garden door.

Niagara - Burger King and Curry Queen!

Criminal Hall of Fame?!

Library in Hamilton. It's just fun to say.  =)

Hamilton is the waterfall capitol of the world!
Who knew?! This is Webster's Falls.

Tew's Falls. There are over 100 waterfalls in Hamilton!

Toronto skyline.

Hockey Hall of Fame, obviously.

Cows stuck to the side of a building in Toronto.

Canada's mailboxes are way more colorful than ours!

CN Tower. I know this pic isn't as good as Libera's.
That's because they aren't in front of it. lol

Rogers Centre where the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team plays. My dad wanted to
take a tour of the stadium, but there was actually a game going on at the time.

Winner of "Funniest Name for a Restaurant!"

Building on stilts - Ontario College of Art & Design.

SQUEEZE in Canada = MERGE in US! lol

All the McDonald's signs have a Canadian maple leaf in the center!

Buffet in Guelph! Our day for "over-intake of food."

Going Home! Line at the border.

Chicago!!! Woo-hoo!!!


  1. Hi, it's Leslie! I really like your pictures. I know that you all had a great time on the tour. It was nice to spend some time with you again. I used to work for a company in Montreal back in the 1970s that manufactured the material for the milk bags. You don't have to pour the smaller bags into the pitchers. The pitchers are actually made to hold the milk bag, and all you have to do is snip the corner of the litre bag of milk once it is in the pitcher. I remember the first time our family bought milk bags home from the store. We didn't realize at the time that we had to buy a pitcher, so we tried to cut the bag open and pour it into a juice pitcher. It took three of us to cut the bag. My mum held the bottom, I had my hands on the middle of the bag, and my dad had the "glamourous" job - he had the scissors and was trying to cut the bag. The bag kept shaking like Jell-o in a plastic bag. When Dad cut the bag, the milk went everywhere! Of course, Dad immediately said that Mum and I were guilty
    of squeezing or shaking the bag! After all, all he was doing was cutting the corner. The next day we found out about the pitchers.
    Regarding the mailboxes, the patterns all over the red surface represent various Canadian postal codes, which serve the same purpose as your zip codes. Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Hi, Leslie! It was great seeing you at 2 concerts! That's a hilarious story about your first encounter with a bag of milk! My dad's cousin from New Hampshire said today that they used to get milk in a bag, too! lol And I like your mailboxes way better. We have too many zip codes to do that though. Plus ours would just be a bunch of numbers. It would look like something from a kindergarten room. :D

  3. thanks for sharing canada with us, lexi. very informative - milk bags, waterfalls, mailboxes - wow! and they say it's really neat to settle down in canada, vancouver esp.

  4. Hey there Lexi,

    I am glad that you had a nice time in Canada. It was wonderful to see you at the shows in Islington, Kitchener, and Chatham. Love the pictures from your trip, and of course, the reviews of the shows. :)

    A few years back when I drove into the States from Toronto, I had the same experience with the border patrol. Glad you made it back alright.

    Email me when you get a chance. Love to show you some of my photos from the trip.


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