Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Canada Tour Video

I made a video of Libera's Canada Tour. There weren't any Meet & Greets, so it's not as good as my US Tour videos, but I hope you like it anyway. I used the Libera songs in the same order they sang them in the concerts. It helps me remember the concerts and the soloists that sang, even though not every song is their new version.

Thank you to Jimmy in Japan for some of the Toronto Islington pictures and to Libera for the pictures at the end. It's kind of a Meet & Greet, right? :D All the other pictures and videos were taken by me or my mom. Hope you like it! :D


  1. hey again - this is your no. one fan!! consider me now as your fan, hah hah - wonderful video!!! i almost cried - esp when you had that shot of niagara falls! btw, i viewed the entire vid on youtube as the music clashed with ben's "exsultate" which is your blog's background music. wasn't that josh singing "going home" towards the last of your vid?

    anyways, i shared it in my FB page with this comments:

    Thelma L. Guzman
    wonderful video as shared to us by lexi (mini angels). thanks so much lexi for bringing to us all 7 concerts of libera (oh, yes - just 6 because you missed one). i so love your shot of niagara falls!!!

  2. Oh, Lexi. I love it♥ All your videos are the best, no matter what :). Btw, I love the members pictures almost at the end of your video.

  3. Great video Lexi! Loved it! BTW the program arrived safely today. And the quality is better than UK programs. It will be the greatest part of my Libera collections! Many thanks for your help and please pass my gratefulness to your mother! :D

  4. Hi Lexi!
    I am Andrea, an intern at EMI Classics. We are doing some research here on how to reach out to libera fans here in the US, and find out exactly who are US listeners are. I have created a survey and would REALLY appreciate it if you could invite your blog readers to take it (those in the US). The results will be VERY valuable to us. Our main goal is to reach out to fans and get more involved with them. Our priority is hearing from the fans, and finding out what they want more of. Here at Libera's record label we will do our best to share anything we can about Libera with our online fanbase. Thank you! Here is my link! It is a very quick survey: http://kwiksurveys.com?u=LiberaUSA

  5. Thanks everyone! Glad you like the video! :D

    Hi, Andrea! I wrote a post about your survey. Hope you get good results! :D

  6. Thank you, Lexi, for your wonderful video! You did a great job showing us the concert venues in Canada, especially combined with Libera's outstanding music.

    Thank you, Libera boys, for sharing your awesome voices! Your superb music will live in the hearts of all of us forever! And you look Wonderful, as always!