Saturday, May 14, 2011

EMI Survey for USA Fans

Attention all US Libera fans! Yesterday I got a comment to the blog from Andrea, an intern at Libera's record label, EMI Classics. For a while fans have been feeling like EMI doesn't really try hard to market Libera.  It's hard to find CD's anywhere except a few at Barnes & Nobel and Borders, and they're never played on the radio or on TV. Most people discover Libera by accident, listening to "you might also enjoy" music, getting a forwarded e-mail (like we did) or seeing something on YouTube. Once we find them it's great, we start doing some research and eventually we're hooked, but there don't seem to be as many new fans as we wish there were. Well it seems EMI wants to change that. Here is the message that Andrea sent me.

Hi Lexi!

I am Andrea, an intern at EMI Classics. We are doing some research here on how to reach out to libera fans here in the US, and find out exactly who are US listeners are. I have created a survey and would REALLY appreciate it if you could invite your blog readers to take it (those in the US). The results will be VERY valuable to us. Our main goal is to reach out to fans and get more involved with them. Our priority is hearing from the fans, and finding out what they want more of. Here at Libera's record label we will do our best to share anything we can about Libera with our online fanbase. Thank you! Here is my link! It is a very quick survey:

I just took the survey and it was really quick and easy. It will only take a few minutes of your time. If you want to take the survey just click on her link. Hopefully this will step up the advertising in the US! :)

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