Thursday, May 26, 2011

Salt+Light TV Interview

While Libera was in Canada, Salt+Light TV interviewed Kavana, Liam and Freddie. Wow, this was a really great interview! I think it's one of the best they've ever done.

The three boys are all really well spoken, and the interview was nice and relaxed. We found out a lot! There were the normal questions asked like, "Why are you called Libera?" and "How old are the boys?" but there were some really interesting questions also.

When they tell the interviewer that there are about 40 members of Libera, Kavana explains that some of them stayed at home because they're either too young to travel, or Liam adds that they've got exams to revise for. That would be Sam and Josh! :)

It was interesting that all three of the boys got into Libera through their school music teachers. And Freddie didn't even sing! Although he does tell us later that he also plays the violin, the piano, and the trumpet! Talented kid! I love the way Liam laughingly repeats the word "graduate" when he is asked about his voice changing. :)

I thought the question about the "choir" vs. "boy band" thing was really interesting. I usually call them a boy's choir, but I know the programs always call them a "boy band." Liam laughed when he was asked this question and said that they are more like a "boy group." :)

It's so funny how excited they all get about the "massive percussion section," and how much Kavana loves the "big gong." I wonder if they've ever gotten to bang it... ;)

The interviewer asks them what has been the most fun for them. Freddie's favorite moment was singing the "Bayan Ko" encore in Manila when they would sing a phrase and everyone would start screaming. Liam's favorite was singing "Love and Mercy" in front of President Bush at the Kennedy Center Honors, meeting the famous people there, and the beach balls falling down from the ceiling.  Kavana loved the 5-day detour after the volcano erutped. I can see something like that being his favorite experience. And I understand his feelings. It's nice to know that the fun doesn't have to end just yet. :)

When asked if there were times when something has gone wrong, Kavana mentioned that the lights were too bright in Yankee Stadium, and they all squinted. I had never noticed before but now always will.  :) And there was a concert when the lights didn't go down and they had to sing a second song while still kneeling. lol.

They all love doing the music videos. Liam says, "It's cool to see how it all works as well, like when you watch a music video on TV it all looks like so neat and normal, but then, when you're on the set there's wires everywhere, and people running about." :)

I also love what Liam says about what their peers say about them: "I don't think many people have a problem with it, because it's not something you can mock really. I mean, not many people get a chance to record albums and tour the world, so you can't laugh at them." He's so right! lol.

One last note, I love how Kavana gives the interviewer a thumbs up when he gets his name right. Oh, Kav... :D Great job, guys! And thank you to Jimmy Riddle for the link.

These are pictures of the interview from Salt+Light's Facebook page:


  1. This was a Great interview! It was recent and very informative! It's always nice to see how the boys have grown, and hear them speak in their natural voices, and even hear their laughter! You look GREAT, Liam, Freddie, Kavana!! Many thanks, Lexi!!

  2. it was a really nice and long interview. i heard Liam saying something in tagalog, when they mention the encore song.

  3. liam said ibon man may layang lumipad.(even birds has the right and freedom to fly............)

  4. Oh, thank you, Anon! He is so smart, isn't he? I think those are some of the lyrics from Bayan Ko. :D

  5. Indeed! they all look smart specially in their white robes. i wept and couldnt` stop tears flowing my eyes the first time i saw libera singing BAYAN KO on youtube(showtime)oh dear... oh dear... i missed home terribly!

  6. Thanks, Anon, for translating what Liam said in tagalog. And yes i agree, Lexi. He is indeed smart :).

  7. I simply love Liam :) This interview is great, and though most of the questions were fairly generic, it was very interesting. When they mentioned squinting in the stadium, I was glad I wasn't imagining it, because I noticed it while watching the video. It was still a beautiful performance. Thanks for posting!