Sunday, May 1, 2011

Libera Canada Blog Parts 2 & 3

Well, all of the concerts in Canada went really well, and now that I am recovered from the trip and back to my normal schedule, it's time to finish writing about the boys' blogs! You can read their blogs on Libera's website

The second blog was really funny, and the part about "We...had our regular over-intake of food" made me laugh pretty hard. I agree with the boys; the underground mall in Toronto was amazing! It was huge and went on forever. We had the same experience as the boys, wandering around it and trying not to get lost. It was the weekend, so none of the shops were open, and no one was there! Spooky is right! We said we were like moles running around underground! "When we finally found life, we discovered that we were slowly creeping back up to the Earth's surface from the mantle. And also that Big Ben's scarf could swallow Barney completely whole." Lol! Sorry that it rained (and even snowed) so much. At least Libera still had some things to do - movies, underground mall, bowling, etc.

At Music Plus in Kitchener "some people bought manuscripts and novelty music things," (probably the older ones) "while others decided to get the loudest percussion instruments they possibly could" (definitely the younger ones). "The noise in the coach afterwards was deafening. Anyway, after that musical interlude," (lol) "we drove to the Centre in the Square theatre to perform our only theatre concert." And now comes the phrase that I have never heard before until now! Am I just a crazy American, or has anyone else heard this phrase - "Any road up"? I guess it means "anyway," but I have seriously never heard it before!

Any road up...I agree with the statement about the instruments being in the balcony giving the Chatham concert a really cool effect. I loved that! Poor older boys! I'm an only child and have to wear my earbuds to not get distracted in my own house! Can you imagine trying to study in that bus with the "musical interlude" going on and boys talking and laughing?! I wouldn't get anything done! Good for them for doing it though. We're glad they came.

Only 22 boys. Where's Jude?

They got to go to Niagara Falls! yes, I got that extra A in there. =) The revolving restaurant sounded pretty fun, as long as you were careful not to lose your camera as you spun around the walls! Gosh that picture of Mini James with the seagull is cute! I love that kid! Apparently birds do, too!

Blog number 3! They got to go to the CN Tower! (which I've taken to calling the Cartoon Network tower). Whoever is writing this blog, and I have it from a very reliable source that it is Liam ;) , is obviously not too fond of heights. The elevator being like "reverse sky diving" did give me a laugh. =) This made me laugh too: "on our way back down from the lithosphere we saw signs for record-breaking attempts from the tower - for example, one person yodeled for 7 hours 29 mins from the top of the tower! How useful that information's going to be to you I don't know..." lol!

Great picture!!!

They went to Central Island to do some "serious tree climbing", and then back to the hotel.

And another great picture!

The service on Easter Sunday went very well! As the writer said, they did get great applause after they sang the Hallelujah Chorus in church. The concert that night was really great, too. But they didn't get back to the hotel until "half-midnight-ish, only to get up again at four to go to the airport." Wow!

They ate breakfast at Tim Horton's in the airport. While in Canada we saw a great commercial for Tim Horton's with some people coming out of a wedding and talking about how they needed something light like a sandwich before the reception. The punch line of the commercial is when one of the women asks, "Do you think there's a Tim Horton's around here?" Then everyone starts cracking up laughing. Being from Illinois where we have NO Tim Horton's anywhere, we naturally thought that that was extremely funny. =) But there really IS a Tim Horton's on every corner! lol.

I love the little reference at the end of the blog to Jude's speech where he said, "That last song was called Going Home, and soon it will be time for us to be going home - well back to our hotel anyway." The blog says, "and soon it will (be) time for us to be going home – well yes, really!" lol! So glad they had a great time in Canada! It was great that they could come! Thanks Libera!

PS - I still don't know what Orange Squash is...  =)

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