Monday, May 2, 2011

Libera Official Canada Pictures

Wow! What a busy Libera day! So many goodies for us to enjoy! Libera posted lots more pictures of their fun times in Canada. Go to their blog here to view them all. Next up should be a video! =)

Jude playing a game in the Hockey Hall of Fame. He has such a nice smile!

Jakob, Ralph, Barney, mini James, and Jude in their hotel,
the Royal York in Toronto...I love this one so much!

Eoghan at Niagara Falls Skylon Tower observatory. Cute!

Sammy with a rainbow at Niagara Falls - I think
this looks like a profile picture for Facebook. :)

Daniel and Jakob at Niagara Falls. See the rainbow? Such happy boys!

"Serious tree climbing" day! I'm liking Barney more and more! Such a ham for the camera! :)

Luke up in the tree...for some reason this picture makes me
want to listen to mini James sing Touch the Sky... :)

Oh this picture is amazing...of course I mean the city! I didn't even notice
the three extremely good-looking boys standing in front of the skyline! :) lol

Ben, Ralph, Alex, Matthew, and Jakob! This is an amazing picture
of the boys and of the cathedral! Glad they had such fun!


  1. I don't see any rainbow in the 5th picture. Are you sure there's a rainbow in the sky, Lexi?

  2. nice photos, lexi. and really good to see the new boys in the group. thanks!