Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Message from Libera to Japanese Viewers

Cassius, Ralph, Freddie, Barney, James, Kavana

Libera has a short video posted on the NHK website for the drama Madonna Verde. You can watch it here. It's a very nice message explaining "Song of Life" and letting the people of Japan know that it can help give them peace during a difficult time. All the boys are excellent speakers. Good job, Libera! :) Thank you to hagy for the link.

Ralph - Hi, everyone in Japan. We are...

All - Libera.

Barney - We are singing the main theme called "Song of Life" for the drama Madonna Verde.

Ralph - The "Song of Life" is about peace and hope and happiness throughout the world. And we think it has something which everyone can relate to, sort of think that this is their own song.

James - We hope we can reach out to people with this song and give them peace and power.

Cassius - We hope you enjoy this song in the drama.


  1. Nice video. I bet the Japanese fans were so touched by the message. Even the song too. I think Ralph is right about what he said about the song.

  2. Wow! Thankyou for post :)!!! pretty boys!!Barney so lovely!! I think his voice same the Tom. very cute