Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Gift From Japan!

I got another awesome package in the mail from Hagy in Japan! She bought the sheet music for "Song of Life" and sent it to me! Look how cute her pink package is with the sparkly tape with piano notes and keys.  :)

She put the sheet music in a nice, clear pink folder, and you can see that the cover of the sheet music looks like the cover of the CD...only better! It has pink hearts all over it!  <3

She also photoshopped Ben and Mini James onto Japanese samuri warriors! Aren't they so cute?! xxx

Thank you so much for the sheet music, Hagy! I love the song "Song of Life" and like playing it on the piano. Maybe someday soon I'll sound as good as Mr. Muramatsu or Mr. Prizeman. :D 

1 comment:

  1. It took eight days because it was a snail mail this time. However, because my present safely reached you, I was relieved.

    Please enjoy the piano performance of "Song of Life".

    When coming to Japan last year, the photograph of the kimono appearance of two people was made. There is not only two people but also photographs all members.

    I passed them to them as a card of the present.