Sunday, July 10, 2011

USA 2011 Concert Posters & Fliers

OK Libera fans! Let's spread the word! These are the concert posters for each city. If anyone you know lives near any of Libera's concerts, you can use these to invite them. Please feel free to copy them and post to your blog, e-mail to your friends or post on Facebook! Don't forget music teachers and choirs. Let everyone know about the concerts! They're gonna be great!

The smaller fliers are for you to print out if you want to hang them up in a church, hotel, restaurant, school or business. These are especially good if you live near one of the concerts. Let me know if you need a PDF version. :D

Minneapolis Poster - Corrected

Minneapolis Flier

St. Paul Poster

St. Paul Flier

Chicago Poster

Chicago Flier

St. Louis Poster

St. Louis Flier

Frisco Poster

Frisco Flier

Houston Poster

Houston Flier


  1. Whoa! :O SOOO cool!!!!!!! I love them all!!!! Now, I'm under the depression, even more!! :'((
    Well... thanks anyways! They're awesome!!!! I have a feeling you guys will have a great time!!!!!!!!
    Oh, by the way! Are you going to see the concerts as well, Lexi? :))

  2. Hi choiretto! Aww, don't be sad. Yes, I'm going to the concerts, but I can't go to the St. Louis one. Just like last year. lol. My mom is going to that one though.