Thursday, July 28, 2011

Minneapolis Concert

Libera concert #1 is over! =( It all went by so fast! We were joking that the end of the concert only felt like the intermission! But it was a really GREAT concert! With some good surprises. =)

First off, I have to say this concert was even better than any I went to in the US last summer or in Canada! How is that possible?! You're about to find out. Next, the venue was amazing! The acoustics were great, and the sound just went on forever! There were 6 touring newbies, Thomas Delgado-Little, Ben Fairman, Isaac London, Matthew Madine, Michael Ustynovych-Repa, and Orlando Woscholski. Great to see the little guys! There was no Jonathan, Stefan, or Mini James. Also missing, although pictured in the program, were Liam and Sammy. We’re not sure why they're not here (except for Stefan working on an opera), but we miss all of them! A lot!

There are 26 boys on this tour - Henry Barrington, Tiarnan Branson, Jude Collins, Luke Collins, Kavana Crossley, Jakob De Menezes-Wood, Thomas Delgado-Little, Dylan Duffy, Ben Fairman, Daniel Fontannaz, Freddie Ingles, Matthew Jansen, Alex Leggett, Sam Leggett, Barney Lindsell, Isaac London, Joshua Madine, Matthew Madine, Eoghan McCarthy, Cassius O'Connell-White, Benedict Philipp, Matthew Rangel-Alvares, Michael Ustynovych-Repa, Carlos Rodriguez Villegas (that's a new addition to his name), Ralph Skan and Orlando Woscholski. Welcome to the US! =)

Fan de LoK already took a picture of the program, so I'll just post that here.

Program picture page

Front of church

Back of church



The program was similar to, although not exactly like, the one in Canada.

1. JUBILATE - They started with Jubilate with Ralph, Alex, Jakob, Barney and Carlos singing, then joined by the others. What a beautiful song! Then they swelled into...

2. LIBERA - The lights get bright and off they go! Great solos by eoghan and Luke with Josh standing in the center. Ralph did the high parts at the end.

Speech - Barney and Cassius talked about how there are 26 boys here, old and new, who waved their hands. The newbies are sooo little! Barney said that he started singing with Libera when he was 9. And the youngest on this tour is 8! Wonder who that is. =)

3. SONG OF LIFE - Ralph sang a beautiful solo with Daniel and Kavana. Daniel's voice is still so high!

4. SANCTISSIMA - Solo also sung by Ralph. He has such a great voice!

5. SANCTUS - Jakob sang the high parts from the back (that boy’s voice is still as high as a kite!), and Luke sang the "Sanctus" at the end.

Speech - Kavana and Cassius gave the second speech about Moose, Libera’s mascot who we found out has been on every tour since Libera began and now has his own passport and seat on the coach. =) He is a very spoiled moose.

6. ALWAYS WITH YOU - Freddie sang the solo and was great! The strongest I've ever heard him! Jakob sang the high bits, and Josh stood in the center because he's the tallest. Although Alex may have a growth spurt on this tour and catch up to him! He's verrrry close. =)

7. ETERNAL LIGHT - AND THEN CAME THE SHOCK! Ralph and Daniel came out to sing Eternal Light, and I figured they must have given Stefan’s solo to Daniel, but then, much to my surprise, the big boy in the middle began to sing the solo. AND IT WAS JOSH!!!! I think I audibly gasped! =) He sang the solo down an octave which sounded different, but really good! He was totally enjoying every minute of it, you could tell. He had this look on his face like "oh yeah, Josh is back." =) I was enjoying every minute of it too! I can't wait to hear this one again! From that excitement we launched right into...

8. SALVA - Matthew R-A sang the high parts very well from the back.

Speech - Barney had a speech introducing the musicians and introducing Lamentione which they sing in "our own special *airquotes* ‘Libera way.’" And he made the airquotes sign with his fingers! lol!

9. LAMENTIONE - Daniel, Jakob, Carlos, Ralph, Matthew J., Matthew R-A, Dylan, Eoghan, Barney and Freddie sang facing Mr. Prizeman while all the other boys are behind them with their hoods up. This is a stunning song!

10. EXULTATE - This song was changed up a bit. Ben's solo was sung by Freddie, eoghan, Ralph and I think another boy. Wait, what, it's time for Intermission already?!!!!

Intermission - Mr. Philipp said that the boys come from 15 different schools in South London. Wow!

11. TE LUCIS - You've got to see and hear this song! Wow! It started out with low voices singing from behind the altar. This was really cool, because we honestly had no idea who was singing until they came out. It was Ben, Sam, Josh, Alex, and Tiarnan! They harmonized perfectly! This segwayed perfectly into...

12. MYSTERIUM - Ralph and Luke were great together! All the boys took their hoods off at the same time instead of staggering from tallest to littlest. Then they segwayed into...

13. GLORIA - I am still always blown away by the transition from Mysterium to Gloria. I love it! And I love this trio of songs together! It's a WOW!

Speech - Cassius and Freddie gave their same speech about their huge hoods and practicing blindfolded in which Freddie yanks Cassius’ hood down completely over his head. =) Crowd loved this!

14. THE FOUNTAIN - Ralph's solo was amazing! He has such a nice voice.

15. WHEN A KNIGHT WON HIS SPURS - Ralph soloed again. This song has to be, oddly enough, like one of my favorite songs. Ever since Mr. Prizeman rearranged it for the Canada tour.

16. STAY WITH ME - Our smiley Daniel sang the solo, which I LOVED. Daniel is so sweet, and he always looks so happy when he sings this song. =) Matthew R-A did another great job on the high parts.

Speech - Sam, yes SAM gave the voice-changing speech, which was really nice, because we don’t get to hear from Sam a lot. He fist-bumped Jakob in the dark just before he started. =) I'm so happy Sam is here! He has such a kind, serene face, you just sigh, and think "Sam's here. Everything's going to be great." He seems so nice to me.

17. AVE VERUM - Carlos did a great job on his solo with Jakob harmonizing. This song never fails to give me goose bumps at the V formation at the end. And there's Josh in the center, in charge of everything. =)

18. LOVE AND MERCY - Cassius sang Mini-James’ duet with Freddie! They both sounded great! And then Cassius did the last "mercy and love" by himself! Great job! 

19. GLORY TO THEE - This was another very moving song that came with another awesome surprise of the night - Eoghan sang the solo at the beginning, and it was STUNNING! I mean strong, beautiful, soaring, and PERFECT. I was so blown away by it that I almost didn’t notice that Josh got to sing another mini-solo on the last "Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost." Ok, I said ALMOST. =) He's hard to miss. =)

Speech - Jude and Mini-Mini Ben (the little newbie, Ben Fairman) came up to give the last speech. I loved how they played on Jude’s Canada speech, which he started by saying "Hello, I’m Jude, and I’m new," by having him say that, and then having Mini-Mini Ben wave and say, "But I’m newer!" He said he'd only had 2 months to learn all the songs, words and stage movements. Some of the newbies sat out on a few songs, but still, great job newbies!!! So excited to see you on your very first tour! =D

20. HOW SHALL I SING THAT MAJESTY? - Eoghan, Jakob, Ben and Jude sang the solo parts. What a soaring way to end!


Standing ovation! Crowd loved it! There were a lot of new people at this concert who heard about Libera on Minnesota Public Radio and liked the songs they played! It was an amazing concert! I can't wait for Friday! No Meet & Greet. Maybe Friday.

I took some pictures. Sorry they are blurry. I'll try to get screen shots from the video later. 

Group shot

Mini Mini Ben, Henry, Jude, Cassius, Isaac, Michael

Daniel, Alex, Kavana, Tiarnan, Ralph, Ben, Eoghan

Jakob, Luke, Sam, Matthew R-A, Josh, Barney, Orlando

right side - Matthew J, Carlos, Thomas, Freddie, Dylan, Matthew Madine


  1. Great review! Fantastic pictures! I'm really looking forward to the concert on Sunday now!

  2. Aww, it's a pity Liam and Sammy weren't there. I miss them too. But thanks for the lovely review of the first concert, Lexi :)

  3. wow, looks like they gave josh a swan TOUR! although really hoping it's not his last :[

  4. Hi Lexi! Seemed that I haven's shown up for quite a long time, for I was busy with school works. Many thanks for this detailed report. How I wish that I could go to their concerts!
    It seems that Libera are making more use of the older boys this time. It's quite a great thing that we can still hear them after their voices changed. I'm looking forward to more reports from you for I always enjoyed reading your blog. Hope you have a good time at the later concerts!:)

  5. Thank you, Leslie! See you in Chicago! =)

    Hi, Charmaine! We really miss Liam, Sammy, JB, Stefan & Mini James.

    Hi, Anan! Josh probably could go to the Philippines in October if he wants. It'll only be 2 months after this tour. Would be fun for his 17th birthday. =)

    Hi, Lucy! Thanks! I'll try to write some from each concert. Stay tuned! lol.

  6. Hi Lexi, I become quite curious about Te lucis for it was almost done by the older boys. Was it the one on the Libera CD released in 1999? Or was it a new piece? :D
    And I have seen many people talking about another Philippine tour this October... If this was confirmed, then maybe we won't have another UK concert this year. :(

  7. wow :)!Thank you for dedail review ..I'm so jealous! envy you XD may I take a scrap about this?to my blog and korea fan club site... I'll indicate source

  8. WOW, thanks for the review... I've been waiting for this and see if Sam was with the tour. When I watched the vids for the gala,I thought I saw Sam, so I was really happy to read that he's there. I do hope they come back to the Philippines with Sam and Josh tagged around. Will wait for more. Godbless!

  9. Lexi, We met in Guelph. Thank you so much for the wonderful review. I would loved to have heard Josh's lower voice singing Eternal Light. It is so nice that the newly changed young voices are being featured a bit more. I look forward to hearing about the rest of the concerts. Wish I could be there too. Thanks again.

  10. seriously wish i was there! :) thanks for the review! :)

  11. Hi Lexi,

    You were there with the concert. How great. I saw that the same question was asked above.

    But was Te lucis the same as Vespera from the old CD's?? Because that's a very high song, so I was curious who sang Steven Geraghty's solo. If not, which song was it then? Because than it would be the same as Glory to thee??

    Confused, haha :).. Hope you can help me. I'm so curious :D

  12. OMG I am like banging my head against the wall as I'm reading this. AHHHHHHH why Libera why are you so amazing T.T