Saturday, July 23, 2011

Starkey Gala is Sold Out!

The Starkey Gala is sold out! Libera will be performing to a packed house! Here's a picture of what the RiverCentre Ballroom looks like while they're setting up.

Hope we get to see Libera walk the Red Carpet!!!

Video of the stage being set up - HERE

Kyle Massey's going to be at the gala! I love that guy! He was on Disney's "That's So Raven" and "Cory in the House!" To the left is his brother, Christopher. He was on Nickelodeon's "Zoey 101." Here they're playing golf at the Starkey golf tournament. :D


  1. hi lexi, thanks for posting this
    hopefully there will be videos of their performance :) or anything regarding to them :) lol

  2. hi lexi! i'll be very busy regularly dropping by your site to check on what's going on with libera in the US. are you going to their chicago concert? funny i asked! hah hah anyway, good for you again, you'll see our favorite choirboys perform. pls. don't forget to post who are in the line-up for the US concert (if josh is still with them, or maybe tom cully is joining them as a staff). callum mentioned he's not joining them for this US trip. take care & regards to your mom.

  3. We know there will be many pictures taken at the Starkey Gala. Whatever your sources are, Lexi, post as many pictures of Libera as you can! This is a very important and upscale event for Libera!!

  4. Hi Lexi! Thank you for the fresh news!:D
    Hope they put many pics of Libera up! I can see Kevin Costner in the pics of the golf tournament... is it right?:)

  5. Hi, Yuki! Yes, that is Kevin Costner At their golf tournament. He and his band performed at the VIP Customer Party Saturday night. ~Lauren