Friday, July 8, 2011

Libera Charity Performance

Super exciting news!!! On Sunday, July 24, 2011 Libera will be performing at a charity gala for Starkey Hearing Foundation. This is the charity that Marlee Matlin competed for on the Celebrity Apprentice. President Bill Clinton will be there as well as Marlee Matlin, Miley Cyrus, Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks, Meat Loaf and Kevin Costner & Modern West. This is such a cool event for the Libera boys, especially some of the new ones who have never sung at a special ceremony before! Hopefully this will be a great experience for the boys and a great advertisement for Libera! I hope the charity does very well! :) Yay for Libera!

You can see the gala site HERE. The $1500 tickets are all sold out!

Libera said on their web site, "We are thrilled that we have been invited to participate in the prestigious Starkey Foundation Gala Awards Ceremony on 24 July, in the presence of President Bill Clinton.  For more information see the Gala Website."

Just a note, the Starkey web site does video tape the red carpet arrivals and some of the performances and speeches, so hopefully we will get to see some of this year's gala! They also post photos. So watch their web site! :D

UPDATE: Jimmy Riddle has found more information about the gala. A web site called will be covering the event and has included Libera in their list of "confirmed stars to perform live"!!!! So cool! It also says, "Slated to attend are Patricia Arquette, Hilary Swank, Whoopi Goldberg, Maria Bello, Verne Troyer, Buzz Aldrin, Kevin Sorbo, Gary Busey, Kevin Costner, Phil Hellmuth, Larry Fitzgerald, Santonio Holmes, Roy Williams and many more." This is sooo exciting! :D


  1. This is indeed an honour for Libera, as it is for the other performers, BUT, Starkey Hearing Foundation is also honoured by having world-famous Libera performing at this gala! The Foundation should fully realise how fortunate they are to have Libera!

  2. Awesome info! Thanks! I'm sure the boys will love to see Miley Cyrus in person. lol

  3. wow Lexi your getting some good news scoops lately, must be all that networking ;) Thanks for the informative posts.

    P.S. This website suggests they will be covering the charity what capacity that might be, I do not know.


  4. Hi, Tom! I agree! Many don't know Libera yet, but they're gonna love them!

    You're so funny Inna! :D

    Thank you for the great info Jimmy! You're the one who always finds the great scoops! :)

  5. Awesome indeed! People in the US will be able to watch it on TV or something?:D

  6. Hi, Yuki! Yes, I don't want to make the boys nervous or anything, but this is so big that it will probably be covered by all the US entertainment TV shows and magazines. I just hope they do their best and enjoy every minute of it. :D

  7. Is there any fans going to this charity concert?