Saturday, July 30, 2011

St. Paul Concert

Libera concert #2! Tonight was in one word…perfect. It wasn’t any certain solos or singers, it was just like each and every song was perfect, rich and full. The cathedral was again, amazing, and the acoustics were really great. Liam and Sammy ARE here! Apparently they were both on a school trip to Poland (wow!) and couldn’t make it to the first concert, but they will be here for the rest. Yay! =) So we're up to 28 boys now! Just imagine how awesome it looks to have 28 boys filling the stage! And how great the sound is that they produce!

I guess I should mention that this was the hottest Libera concert ever. lol. It was like 100 degrees in there (no air conditioning), so imagine how hot it was for the boys wearing robes under the lights. But they sang so great anyway! =)

We sat right in front of the little newbies most of the time, and I noticed how they all have really good diction. And are those little newbies ever cute! They sing with such expression! Josh is back to being the "stage manager" and making sure that everyone gets to their correct spots on time, sometimes moving the little ones when they don’t quite make it. =)

We got to see the boys that sang in Te Lucis today because they had them sing from way up in the organ loft in the back of the church, which was a really cool effect. There were 7 today because they added Liam and Sammy, so it was Tiarnan, Liam, Josh, Sam, Alex, Sammy, and Ben all standing in a semi-circle taking turns singing. It sounded so cool! I remember noticing when Sam was singing by himself. Really great! 

Ralph’s high part on The Fountain sounded amazing tonight! That boy can crank out those high notes! We got the red lights shining on us in Ave Verum tonight. =) They swooped back over the audience, which was kinda cool. Now we know what it's like for the boys to have those bright lights shining in their eyes. lol. Man, when the boys form that V for the last part of Ave Verum…it is SO COOL! I get goose bumps every time!

I don't remember what song it was on, but I remember being able to hear Matthew Madine's voice. It's really good! =D

Every time you go to a concert, you notice something new. This time I noticed that in Glory To Thee they stand in 7 groups. These groups all sing in waves. Group 1 starts, then 2, then 3... Then they drop out in that order until group 7 is the last singing. Liam and Sammy joined Josh on the final "Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost." Super beautiful!

And one last note, Jakob can SING! He’s hitting high and low and all over the place! I love his voice! Go Jakob! And go Libera! See you in my home town! =)

Our friend Luke took pictures, so we took a video. Luke's pictures should be posted around Monday or so.


  1. Oh. Liam and Sammy were on a school trip to Poland? That's nice. I'm so happy they're able to join with the group :)

  2. Wonderful review Lexi! Very nice to read :)

  3. That concert last night was stunning. It was really amazing, and I thought pretty much everything was perfect. It was good to see Liam and Sammy, too :)

  4. hey great review!!! I cant wait for the Chicago concert which is like tomoro ;)
    did they have the meet and grreet????? and i know ive been asking u the same thing for quite awhile...but jw...