Sunday, July 24, 2011

Libera at Starkey Gala

Libera posted on their Facebook page, "Looking forward to the Starkey Awards Gala later today. Wondering who we will meet backstage..."

The ballroom is all ready!!! :D

Libera doing a sound check with country singer, John Rich!!!
Who is the tallest one with the dark hair in the back row?

The gala started a little before 6 pm. Libera was the first on stage to sing! They sang "Song of Life" with Ralph singing his beautiful solo, and I think I see Ben! You can see a short clip here. There is also a clip of them walking off the stage here. There appears to be a lot of boys here on the tour! Yay!!! :)

UPDATE: Fan de LoK was in the crowd outside after the performance and was told by one of the chaperones that Libera sang 3 songs!

I see Mr. Prizeman, Steven Geraghty and Matthew R-A on the right.

Kavana, Luke & Tiarnan

Is that mini James? Or a newbie much minier?



There are 3 more clips here of Libera on stage with John Rich singing a song called "For The Kids" with Libera singing back-up and Marlee Matlin interpreting in sign language. We don't hear Libera singing in these clips, so I'm really hoping Starkey will post longer clips later. I see Daniel back row right! :D

And who is the dark-haired boy at Marlee Matlin's elbow? If you see the video, you can tell it's not Daniel. It's the boy standing next to Daniel. Update: It's Carlos! See below! :)

Pictures on Starkey's Facebook page.

?, Luke, Matthew J., Carlos, Freddie, Daniel & Jude.

Starkey raised over $7.2 million dollars tonight! Congratulations, Libera, on such an exciting night! I'm sure you wowed the crowd and made a lot more fans tonight!

Now...on with the tour!!!!  :D


  1. they'll probably meet miley cyrus cuz shes also singing there and theyre soo lucky!
    are u goin to the Starkey Foundation, lexi?

  2. that's josh, in the picture. his hair is short again.

  3. Maybe Cassius aswell. I think the big boy (black hair) is Alex. Yeh I also see Daf.:) Aww Stef...

  4. nope. defo josh, that's just how he looks atm.

  5. wait was Liam and JB there??????

  6. hello again, lexi!! like what i mentioned, i'll drop by your site to keep up with how's libera is doing in their US concerts. this is absolutely amazing! they were the first to perform in the gala night. i also think that could be josh in the first picture. well, that's nice to hear. he's still with the group. thanks again!!

  7. thank you so much for posting the gala show here, lexi :). you're the best♥

  8. Once again, Libera contributed to a much-needed humanitarian aid. Libera kids performing for the benefit of other kids is part of their mission, and truly apt. 7.2 M USD will buy a lot of hearing aids for kids who will now enjoy Libera singing their beautiful music. Well done, Libera! I'm so proud of you!

  9. WHere is Josh? All the darked haired boys look to short to be Josh. He's so tall now.

  10. Josh is there he has had a haircut he is the tallest boy there. Matthew madine is also there too.

  11. @anonymous - Josh and Matthew wow - i hope your sure about this because the Madine brothers together on their first tour that would be amazing news!!

  12. wow,josh was there?T_T OMG!!! Thankyou for posting! :)
    Could I scrap your posting to my blog and Libera fan club?

  13. Hi, Hyunju Lee! Sure you can copy my post or pictures. It's not for sure that Josh is here, but we'll know tomorrow. :D

  14. I want to see their performace in the event, Y____Y