Friday, April 12, 2013

Bundang Concert

Tonight was Libera's first-ever Asian concert held in a church! How cool is that? St. John's Cathedral is about 1 hour south of central Seoul in the suburb of Bundang. I went there with 8 other fans in a rental van. Many thanks to Korean Libera fan, Enyu, for arranging that for us. The church is fairly easy to spot as you drive up as it is gigantic!

They were selling CD's and programs but no posters. Tickets had been sold in numerical order, so we were told to wait in a large room with tables and chairs and food available for purchase. We lined up in numerical order and entry began in sections 30 minutes before the concert began.

The concert itself was simply spectacular! Everyone sang so well. I couldn't see most of the balcony, but the main floor was packed! :)

Dies Irea - The audience applauded when Libera entered the stage in the dark. Ciaran, Matthew J and Tom gave us such a strong opening song. And I'm happy to say that Cassius was back singing for the whole concert. :)

Gloria - The music echoed off of the stone walls, and the lighting effects sparkled against the church decorations and organ pipes. So beautiful!

Speeches - The audience was very enthusiastic and clapped and yelled when the boys spoke in Korean.

Song of Life - Isaac was sooo good!

Voca Me - Perfect song! Loved how the light made a shadow of hooded Tom on the wall.

Sanctus - Beautifully done.

I Vow To Thee My Country - Matthew J is such a strong singer!

Salva Me - You can't beat this song with hoods up in a cathedral!

Eternal Light - Lovely. I think Dylan is singing a crazy high part in this.

In Jude's speech he asked "Are you enjoying the concert" in Korean, and everyone cheered! I was told that the boys who gave speeches spent only 10 minutes learning their Korean lines. Wow! They're quick learners! :)

How Shall I Sing That Majesty - Great solos by Eoghan, Matthew J and Lucas.

Orinoco Flow - Consistantly great!

Far Away - Another perfect solo by Isaac. Dylan has a nice high part. He is so subtle when he sings that you often don't realize that that wonderful sound is coming from him!

The Fountain - Matthew J wowed them with this one! It's amazing how he (and Ralph before him) can sing in a middle range and then pop it up an octave and sing so high.

Grateful Heart - More great solos from Tom and Michael U-R!

Ave Verum - Very powerful. The stage was a bit short so it was hard to fit all 26 boys into the final "V".

The audience loved Ciaran's speech and the vocal exercises demonstration.

How Can I Keep From Singing? - I keep forgetting to mention that when they sing the line "I lift my eyes..." they all look up into the lights. It really makes you feel the emotion of the song along with them.

Stay With Me - Cassius was back singing the solo and did a great job!

Glory To Thee - Eoghan's other beautiful solo with Matthew J.

Exultate - Beautiful solo by Tom. Eoghan has a nice high part in this.

The first encore was "The Moon Represents My Heart." Since it's sung in Chinese, there's naturally not going to be as big of a reaction to it as the audiences in Taiwan had, but the Korean fans really loved it. I'm so happy for them that they also get to hear this beautiful song.

The second encore was "Libera." The audience cheered loudly and gave a standing ovation! Great concert!

There were 2 negative points for me which I must share in the hopes that it doesn't happen again. During the entire first half of the concert, an official photographer was crouched down in the middle aisle between the very front pews taking pictures. His camera was clicking constantly. It was distracting beyond words. Just as a soloist would be singing a moving and tender part of a song, "click, click, click!" If I had been in charge, I would have lunged at him in the dark after Gloria and told him to stop. (lol and yet I'm serious) After complaining about it during the interval, he did not return for the second half.

My second is about the use of cell phones during the concert. Yes, girl sitting next to me recording every song, I'm talking to you. When they announced in Korean and English not to take photos or recordings during the concert, that included you. I know you weren't the only one (there were many), but the light from you cell phone screen at the beginning, ending and often the middle of every single song was so bothersome. Please fans, there's a reason for these rules. Respect Libera and your fellow concert-goers.

10 boys did an autograph signing after the concert. The other 16 will be signing after the Seoul concert, probably divided into 2 groups due to the size of the audience. They all seem to be having a great time on tour. I mentioned to Eoghan that I liked his high part in Exultate, and he said that he's not always hitting high notes anymore. Aw, but I still love the timbre of his voice. :)

I met 2 fans, 1 from Japan, 1 from Korea, who were attending their very first Libera concert. I'm sure there were many other first-timers, but it's always so fun to talk to them. They're in this special euphoric state after finally getting to hear Libera live. :)

One more concert left at the huge Sejong Center! Can't wait! :D

The line for the signing was very long!

The concert programs cost 5,000 won or about $5 US.


  1. so happy to see Matthew J makes his mark!! I remember that he is always so quiet and just smile. Didn't get so much attention like the other active members but I love him. :)
    Eoghan's voice probably is about to change...but he still sounds lovely indeed.
    Hope the audience can obey the rule of no photo or recording during concert... really annoying for the others...

  2. Hi Nelly! I remember Matthew Jansen when he was littler, too! He seemed shy then, but not any more. He's quite good now at meeting people during the autograph sessions. And wow, can he sing! And yes, Eoghan's voice may be changing now. ~ Lauren