Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Taipei Concert #2

It was another fabulous concert tonight! The boys seemed happy and relaxed. Perhaps it helped that it was sunny and warm today. :D Just a few notes about anything new that I noticed.

Dies Irae - From the very beginning of the concert, you could tell that these boys meant business and were ready to perform. All their movements were quicker and sharper and more energetic. What are they feeding them? lol

Gloria - Michael U-R goes soooo high! Amazing!

Song of Life - Isaac appears to have a bit of a cold. Maybe I notice it because I'm a mom, but I hear a little congestion when he breaths in. It sure didn't hurt his singing though. His voice was clear and beautiful. During his song, there was a glitch and his mic went out. He didn't flinch. Just kept on singing. So professional for one so young.

Voca Me - The glitch meant that there was a pause until they could start Voca Me. Again, the boys calmly stood there and waited. Excellent training. Robert started the song, and the rest of the concert went beautifully.

Sanctus - I noticed Michael U-R also sings the really high notes. He and Tom are quite the treble dynamic duo. :)

Eternal Light - Dylan is also part of the ensemble singing the solo part with Ciaran, Jude, Lucas and Tom. And Tom sings the high notes.

Jude told us that the string quartet is from the National Taiwan University of Arts.

How Shall I Sing That Majesty? - I love the cello part! Tom sang the high part on this also. So great!

Orinoco Flow - Still loving that extra high part that Tom is singing. It makes the song even better.

Far Away - Isaac's breath control is excellent. Another brilliant solo.

The Fountain - Josh plays the piano on this song, Song of Life and Ave Verum. Otherwise, he plays the keyboard.

Grateful Heart - I didn't think Tom and Michael U-R could get better from last night, but they did! :)

During Ciaran's speech, the first tongue twister that they demonstrated is "Pick a copper, pick a kettle." Try to say that 5 times. It's tough. lol And when they sing the "ma, ma, ma" scale, they go up 2 octaves.

How Can I Keep From Singing? - The solo part is sung by Lucas, Dylan, Eoghan, Alessandro and Isaac. 

Glory To Thee - What a voice! Eoghan sang so strong and clear.

Exultate - This time Tom sang the opening lines by himself. And I noticed that Isaac sings the high part.

The audience applauded loudly and were yelling "Encore" over and over. And Libera gave it to them. :)

The Moon Represents My Heart - I have been singing this song in my head ALL DAY! It's so catchy. I don't know the Chinese words, so my mind fills in made-up "Chinesey" words instead. lol It's also interesting to me that when the audience hears the opening music, they don't recognize it until they hear the boys sing the words. Robert's arrangement must be so different from anything that has previously been done. Lots of applause for this song.

The signing was in the same side entrance of the concert hall, but this time the other 16 boys who had not signed last night were there. So anyone who went to the 2 Taipei concerts could have a fully signed poster or program (or cell phone or balloon). Yes, I saw those. :) The boys were so happy and smiley and talkative, yet their fingers were flying. The line was much longer than last night's, but they got everyone through there super fast.

I leave for Hsinchu tomorrow, so I'll try to post more pictures when I get there.


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for the very detailed concert reviews with so many pictures in such a short time. I really appreciate your extra effort to share your experience at the concert with Libera fans all over the world! I have yet to have my chance to attend their concert to hear them sing live, and I do hope that they return to the USA or Canada soon. Until then, I enjoy concert reports like your's.
    from Vancouver, Canada


  3. I just want to thank you for such a wonderful in depth report. I just about felt I was there listening to the boys sing. I'm so happy for them that it went well and that the audience liked their rendition of "The Moon Represents My Heart," as I'm sure they have been practicing it a lot especially learning the words.

    Thanks again and I'm already looking forward to your next report.

  4. I am also Libera fans too thank you for the pictures I also went to Taipei Libera live concent on 4/2 and when you put 2nd Libera concent at Taipei when Libera sign the poster on 2013 Taiwan tour picture and who is the race of the Libera boy sign ? Is cassius O'connell-white and Michael ustynovych-Repa sign on 4/3?

  5. Yes, Cassius and Michael UR were signing on 4/3. They kinda sit next to each other.
    I really really wanna go to their concert one more time!! So unforgettable and amazing to listen to their songs right in front of the stage.
    Michael UR really impreesed me! He is soooo cute, adorbale!! I noticed that he did many high notes and made the songs more beautiful.
    Looking forward to seeing more photos :)

  6. Hi, Anonymous! Thank you so much. I hope you get to go to a Libera concert soon. They have always enjoyed their time in Canada and the US.

  7. Hi, Ian! Thank you for reading my postings. This tour has been really great so far. :)

  8. Hi, 張哲瑋! Yes, Anonymous is correct. Cassius and Michael U-R signed autographs at the second Taipei concert.

  9. Thank you for such a detailed description of the concert! I also went to the April 3 concert, but since my seat wasn't in the front row, I couldn't see very clearly who's singing the solos. Besides, during the autograph siging, we were told no photo taking was allowed. Therefore, it's really nice of you to post a detailed report of the concert with photos here. Thank you!

  10. One question: I've read all of your five reports for Taiwan concerts, and it seems you know some Liberal fans from different countries. I'm wondering how you got to know each other? I know there's libera360, but it doesn't seem to be working anymore. It will be great to know Libera friends from other countries.

    Thank you again for your blog, and I really enjoy reaing everything here! It seems you also posted some videos of previous Libera tours on YouTube, because I remember seeing this pink flower sign before. Thank you for what you've done, and God bless you!

  11. Hi, Josephine! This is Lauren (Lexi's mom). I was searching the blog for something else and saw your note. I'm so glad that you enjoy her blog and happy that you got to go to a Libera concert!

    We know Libera fans from meeting them at Libera concerts. (28 concerts so far!) But others we met online first. You can join us on twitter. My twitter name is chocolatlvr. Some of the former Libera boys have twitter accounts also, and it's fun to see how they are doing now. I like twitter because you can tweet from your phone and have instant conversations with people all over the world, and it's free! There's also a nice forum that you can join called Libera Dreams where people post comments about Libera. :D ~Lauren