Monday, April 8, 2013

Taiwan Concert Photos from Gordon

I met a fan named Gordon from Taipei who sent me some really beautiful Taiwan concert pictures to share with everyone. He sent 280 pictures (wow!), so I'll post just "a few." It's hard to control myself with photos. hehe If you copy any, please be sure to give him credit. Thank you so much, Gordon!

Taipei #1

Taipei #2


The final Taiwan concert in Taichung is tonight! :D


  1. Thank you so much!
    It was really exciting! \(◎o◎)/!\(◎o◎)/!

  2. Hi Lexy's mom! Is there any way we can see all the photos? :D I just want to see every photo of their concert in Taiwan! Thank you so much :D

    Have a nice day! Enjoy their concert!! :)

  3. woooooaaaaaaaaahh....... Success Libera! its So Amazing, Good Luck Libera! Nice Concert..
    I hope Libera visit in the philippines to Concert.
    many filipino Loves the sound of Angel Voices.
    Hello to Libera boys And especially to Music director Mr.Prizeman :) We Love Libera.
    Libera Forever.....

  4. Hi, makihalo! You are welcome! :D

  5. Hi, Anonymous! I'm not sure that I have the time. Each photo takes a long time to upload, and I need to write about the Taichung concert tonight. We'll see.

  6. Hi, humper! Libera loves going to the Philippines. I'm sure you'll be seeing them again soon. :)

    1. Many Filipino are excited to see again Libera in the Philippines.
      I Love the Music of Angel Voices.
      Good Luck Libera! See You Soon.......
      God Bless Us!!!!

    2. Now new stars shone brightly in the sky "Libera", and new angels descended from heaven to fascinate us with their singing. Certainly, Mr. Isaac, despite his young age, can already be recognized coryphaeus group and one of the leading soloists. Isaac at the last concert, in addition to several other solo, even sang "Song of Life" (for me, of course, in this matter, there is only Ralph), which was for him a very great achievement. But now it's time to introduce another member of the group, which, I hope, will soon become as easily recognizable and famous, as his friend Isaac. Fans will not have a close look into the booklet Taiwanese concert, to determine, who was captured in the photo - they immediately tell us, that it is the young Alessandro Mackinnon-Botti. See, how Alessandro expecting her first autograph, because he is not accustomed to loud worldwide fame and adoration of fans - but all will be well. If Alessandro recalls his appearance - Mr. Stefan, the voice of Alessandro is a unique combination of strength, tenderness and beauty. Each singer of "Libera" has a different voice, unique, beautiful, angelic voice. And the young Alessandro prepared to see, that in five or six concerts fans recognized him by his voice and was met with applause and shouts of cordial approval. Both of them - Isaac and Alessandro - deserve our recognition and approval, as each boy, part of "Libera", rightfully deserved it.

  7. Hi! Can u give Gordon's website or his folder to us ?? I think all of we want it! I know its hard but plz! Thx!!

  8. Awwww 280 pictures?!I want to see it too!!

  9. They smile can melt all!
    Right! (๑´ㅂ`๑) cute

  10. hello lexi! i want to see some pictures of libera...
    thanks for these pictures, can you upload some more?.
    i want to see their close up picture especially Isaac London And Bertie Smart.
    i hope you upload some of the pictures of them.

  11. tambem quero ver as outras fotos ... quando terminar o toor poste as fotos por favor... elas ficaram ótimas!!!!