Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hsinchu Concert

Tonight's Hsinchu (the "H" is silent) concert was amazing! This was a smaller city, and so it was a smaller audience, but they sure were enthusiastic. Here's a few details.

First, I think I was just plunked down into the middle of a live music video! Some concerts just seem to draw you into the action  on stage, so that nothing and no one else is in the room, just you and the performers.

There was a screen behind the stage (which, yes, has been used in other concerts), that played video scenes during some of the songs. This time just felt different. Perhaps it helped that the stage was lower. Maybe it was my oddly too-large seat that made me lean back and relax. Maybe it was the really great sound. Or all of these combined. But I was in some sort of virtual reality. Except it was real. :D

If you ever get to go to more than one concert, try to sit in a different spot for each one of them. You notice so many different things. For Taipei #1 and #2, I was on the left. This time I was in the center, so I could see more of the right side also.

Dies Irae - Ciaran started the concert off right. Have you ever watched someone sing, like in church, and you're white-knuckling it the whole time, worrying that they won't hit their notes. Yeah, Ciaran is not that person. :)

Gloria - One to watch for - Sam Wiggins. On the right side I noticed Ciaran (I think) singing high and then realized that Sam was singing really high along with him! Sam wasn't wearing a mic, but he was definitely hitting those high notes.

Speech by Ben & Cassius - It sounds like Cassius has a cold. :( Hope he feels better soon. The words of all of their speeches were posted on the screen translated into Chinese. This helped so much! The audience reaction was much better since now they could understand what was being said. Great touch! :D

I Vow To Thee, My Country - Matthew J is just so good!

Salva Me - Hoods, video with hoods, lighting, you're inside a music video.

How Shall I Sing? - Eoghan still has it! I sat right in front of him. :) And now I see (thank you right side) that Tom AND Isaac sing the high part. They just nailed it!

At the start of the 2nd half, the audience applauded when Libera walked out on stage in the dark.

Far Away - So great! Here I go again, gushing about Isaac. If he's this good at 10 years old... wow!

Ciaran's Speech - OK, so now the 1st tongue twister sounds like "Pick a copper, put a kettle..." No worries. I can't say either version. hehe

Ave Verum - Felt very powerful tonight. Noticed Carlos smiling. :D

Stay With Me - Could distinctly hear Lucas's strong voice on this. Very nice.

The Moon Represents My Heart - On the video screen it read "1953-1995  Teresa Teng" with a picture of her. I was told she was the original singer of this song. Perhaps in deference to this tribute, the audience did not clap as soon as they recognized the song. But when it was done they clapped so loudly and long that if Robert hadn't cued up "Libera," they'd still be clapping.

8 boys did an autograph signing in the upstairs lobby. There was no picture-taking while in line, but pictures were allowed any other time. And boy, did people take a lot of pictures! :D

When I went through the line, the boys were all so sweet and cheerful. Tom and Michael U-R were at the end. They asked me what my favorite song was. When I said "The Moon Represents My Heart," Michael said "Yes!" That's his solo. lol Apparently there's a competition between the 2 of them to see whose feature songs gets the most votes. I should have said "Grateful Heart." hehe

Now for pictures!

Back left is line for signing. The rest are waiting to take pictures.

What?! These should be for sale, too!

And they're off!

Ciaran & Isaac


Matthew J

Tom, Michael U-R & Dylan

The Dynamic Duo of high notes



I love this one of Dylan & Eoghan!

Tom & Michael U-R


Soooo many cameras! But Ciaran's looking at me! :D


  1. Thanks, again, Lauren! Lovely review! I'm really looking forward to any future opportunity to see Libera again, but in the meantime, your concert accounts make others feel a part of things. Enjoy the rest of the concerts!
    Take care,

  2. looks different then taipei concert^^ when concert begin

  3. you could not burn repair them? could try the mobile ... one small piece at least be able to feel how it is to be in the presence of these wonderful boys. Try to write something, I would be so happy!!

  4. they are so cuteeeee>< they smile make me meltttttt^^

  5. Super fans!!
    Very detailed report ^ ^

  6. OMG! Is Cassius really getting a cold?
    I'm staying in Taiwan waiting for their last concert and it feels cold while raining. So I guess they didn't expect such weather and they probably thought that the weather was hot. :p
    Hope he get well soon. His voice is beautiful and he speaks Chinese well.

  7. Hello ^ ^ I'm from Taiwan I do not speak English, I use translation software.
    I went to two performances in Taipei, Hsinchu, well worth.
    Your blog content is very detailed, such as Libera official network.
    Steven Geraghty of Michael UR facial expression like childhood@@

  8. Hi,again!
    It must be tired to travel around the world with Libera,
    but at the same time, there must be with joy to see those boys’ growing.
    Thank you again for your posting,
    It looks the same for every concert in Taiwan,
    In fact, there’re still be lots of things to be seen, to be found out
    Looking forward to getting more cute information from you!
    (hope it won’t be too stressful. Also hope you be safe and happy in every tour)
    Ask a question if you don’t mind, Where are you from?

  9. Hi, Leslie! Great to hear from you! How are things in Canada? Glad you are enjoying my postings. You know how fun it is to go to multiple concerts. Hope to see you at a concert again soon! :D

  10. Hi, Jean! Yes, the venue and stage were very different from the one at Taipei. But all of the concerts have been wonderful. :)

  11. Hi, Jacqueline! I'm sorry, but we are not allowed to make any video recordings or take photos during the concerts. Libera does not want it, and it disturbs other people in the audience.

  12. Hi, Anonymous! Yes, they are cute. :)

  13. Hi, 蔡富丞! Thank you for reading the blog and being a fan of Libera. :)

  14. Hi, Anonymous! Hopefully Cassius is feeling better now. It has been raining a lot. It's raining now. lol

  15. Hi, 蔡富丞! Wow! You went to 3 concerts! That is so wonderful. I am glad Libera could visit Taiwan. Thank you for being such a great fan! :D

  16. Hi, Vivian! It has been very fun traveling to the Libera concerts. I am from Chicago in the USA. Libera sang there in 2011. Thank you for your good wishes. :)

  17. i was there! but i didnt take any photo of them, thanks a lot, i miss the angels, and i miss Micheal who had leave the group, thanks again. it would be my ever lasting memory!