Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fun In Taiwan & South Korea


This is a short video of the boys walking in for the signing after the Hsinchu concert.

The Libera boys had several fun stops in Taiwan. They had lunch with the Taiwu Elementary School Folk Singers and watched them sing. Their director is Camake Valaule. Many of the Taiwu children are from the indigenous Paiwan tribe in Taiwan. 

Getting lunch

Eating lunch

Anthony B. and a new friend

Jude with a new friend

Who put bunny ears above Kuba's head? lol

Have a banana? :D

Carlos & Kavana getting gifts?

Michael surrounded by new friends!

Ben can't quite get the hands right...

...there we go! :D

Ready for a singing demonstration.

The Taiwu Elementary School Folk Singers all dressed up!

Learning the words

They also gave them their CD "Vingacan ta Senay Nia Vuvu (Where the Songs Begin)" which you can buy or hear samples of here. They sound very nice!

These are some more of the pictures posted by Artemis Art's Facebook page -


Kavana speaking

Gifts to Robert Prizeman

Gifts to Roberto de Ocampo

Awesome group shot

Getting their CD's signed

Allesandro getting his CD signed

Now they know how fans feel getting CD's signed! lol

Bertie and Lucas getting their CD's signed

Cute picture!

Waving bye!

Waving to at the bus

Waving as the bus drives away!

Libera also visited the Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. This article  tells how they experienced a Buddhist ceremony and asked questions like "What is the difference between Buddha and God?", "Why are Buddha's ears so long?" and "Does the lotus represent peace?"

Picture from Wikipedia

Ben said he thought the museum was very quiet and peaceful. Kavana was surprised at how lifelike the carved figures are and thought the staff and people are very friendly. 11-year-old Cassius wants to be an architect and thought the museum's design is very interesting. He liked playing with the wood pagoda building blocks.


4 of the boys did a radio interview on the 1013 Mainstreet Show with Ahn Junghyun on TBS eFM 101.3. 

Jude, Cassius, Kavana and Ben

This is such a funny interview! First they introduce themselves. Jude is 11 and has been in the choir 3 years. Cassius is also 11 and has been in the choir 4 years. Kavana is 14 and has been in Libera 7 years. Ben is 10 and has been in the choir 3 years. There are lots of small boys at home. Only 2 of them are smaller than Nano Ben, and they're both 7! Aw, Ben is so cute and little! :D

When the interviewer asks why they are touring Taiwan and Korea, Cassius says, "To spread the Libera love." lol Too funny! Cassius's first tour was 3 years ago to Korea. The day before this interview, they went to a little Korean village, dressed up in traditional Korean clothes and ran around pretending to be kings and queens. That would be hilarious to watch!!!!

We find out that Jude doesn't even miss home while on tour. Of course having an older brother on tour (Luke) helps. He has a 3rd brother (age 8) who just joined Libera, and soon there will be a 4th brother also! He says he has a large family of "annoying brothers." Aha! Can't wait to see all of them on stage together! :D While on tour, Cassius misses his dog. Ben is so funny when he says he likes to travel with his friends and not be nagged by his parents. Cassius and Jude don't go to the same school anymore, but being in Libera, they still get to see each other. Kavana says their speaking voices are so much different than their singing voices because it's early in the morning. :D

You can listen to the audio of the whole interview below. Thanks to Inna for uploading it.

This is a really good video of the signing session after the Bundang concert at St. John's. Thanks to squares4! :D

Will post more soon!


  1. Thank you for the audio of the interview! It's always fun to listen to the Libra boys' funny remarks during their interview. I saw the pictures of Libra with the Tai-Wu students from Artemis Art's facebook. They are really cute in making the V sign when taking pictures (I never saw them make the V sign before, but that's quite common among Asian youngsters). Really lovely! I also like those pictures where the Libra boys getting their gifts signed by the Tai-Wu students. I hope you also had a good time during your trip to Taiwan and Korea.

  2. Hi, Josephine. I love all of those pictures also. I had a lovely time in Taiwan and Korea. Everyone is so kind there. And it was great seeing Libera there also. :) ~ Lauren