Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Taichung Concert

Libera's 5th and final Taiwan concert was tonight in Taichung, and the boys did not disappoint. I thought they would be exhausted from touring all over Taiwan for 10 days, but they performed with so much energy, and their vocals were especially strong tonight.

Taichung is a university town, and there were a lot of young people in the audience. There were even some very young school children who left after the first half, probably because it was past their bedtime. :)

At the end of Dies Irae and Gloria, I remember thinking "perfect." Then Isaac sang his solo on Song of Life, and his voice had such a tender quality, that I again thought "perfect."

In Voca Me, Tom's high notes were so spot-on pitch! Sanctus - Dylan! How did I miss you singing all those high notes in so many songs? It's probably because you make it look so easy. You also blend so well with other boys' voices when you sing harmony. What a great voice you have!

Salva Me and Michael U-R's high part were again great. At this point I was thinking, "Everything is just perfect so far!" Eternal Light was lovely, and Eoghan with Matthew J and Lucas on How Shall I Sing That Majesty was excellent.

Cassius did not sing during the second half of the concert until he returned for the last song. I don't know if his cold is bothering him or not. He actually sounded much better while giving his speeches. Ben took Cassius' place for the "white robes and massive hoods" speech with Michael U-R.

I noticed Dylan singing high notes on Far Away and How Can I Keep From Singing. On Ciaran's speech, it now sounds like they are singing "Pick a copper, pit a kettle." Oh my word! Will I ever get that tongue twister song? lol

Stay With Me was sung by Tom, Dylan and Lucas. Cassius  returned to the stage for Exultate. 

The crowd applauded and quite literally yelled "Encore." After The Moon Represents My Heart, they applauded even louder. After singing the song Libera, the choir Libera took their final bows in Taiwan, and Robert was presented with his 5th bouquet of flowers. Where is he putting all of them? lol

At this concert I got to meet Andy who is a student from Taipei. He, like several others, got to go to the Taipei #2 concert also.

Yesterday while at Taichung Park I met the Go family from the Philippines. The mom, 2 sons and daughter are living in Taiwan for a month so that the 2 sons can go to Chinese language school. I joined them in hand-feeding the park's very tame squirrels. hehe I explained why I was in Taiwan and invited them to the concert. They all came! Yay! More fans from the Pines! And they even got to meet and take a picture with Roberto de Ocampo. Hopefully they will be able to go to Libera's next Philippines concerts.

The autograph session had 8 boys. While they were being seated, Isaac was making sure everyone remembered their Chinese phrases for when they greeted fans. He said if anyone had any questions, ask him. :D

I'd like to congratulate Taiwan on doing such a great job for Libera's first trip here. It was a really well-run tour, and Richard Chen and the Artemis Art employees and volunteers worked very hard to make it a success.

Well, get ready, Korea! Libera has hit their stride after 5 concerts, and they're performing at their peak. Now they are coming to see you! Prepare to be wowed! :D

The line for autographs...

...was very long...

...Ahaha! Posing for the picture! :D

Ciaran, Isaac, Ben



Dylan, Matthew J

Ben, Eoghan, Dylan

Ben, Eoghan, Dylan

Michael U-R, Ciaran, Isaac, Ben

The Go boys in the autograph line with Tom, Michael U-R, Ciaran, Isaac

Tom, Michael U-R, Ciaran

I love the body language. I call this one "Listener, Talker, Listener, Talker." :)
Tom, Michael U-R, Ciaran, Isaac

The Go family with Roberto de Ocampo

See you in Korea!


  1. Goodbye ..
    I will always miss you and the boys
    I hope that you will come to Taiwan again soon
    :) Came to me to play

  2. Oh!one more thing
    Want Cassius cold to be able to get well
    Drink plenty of warm water or eat vit.c
    :) I wish all good

  3. Hi, Lauren! It was such a pleasure to meet you.
    Thank you for all the lovely reviews and pictures. Reading your reviews makes me feel that I was in the concert once again.
    Taichung concert was really good and I loved Tom's high notes. :D
    I hope Cassius and Jude gets well soon.
    Looking forward to Libera's next album.
    I wish you a nice trip to Korea!

  4. A little sad that Libera isn't at Taiwan.
    Also looking foward to seeing them next year,
    and hope I can meet you someday in Libera's concert.
    May Cassius get well soon!
    Bye Libera(see you next year)
    Bye Lauren(see you on the Internet)
    Wish you be joy in Korea!