Monday, April 29, 2013

Libera on South Korea TV News

While Libera was in South Korea, Kavana, Jude and Cassius were interviewed for ABN TV News. Thank you to JuniaLee for the link, and thank you to Bullehynka for uploading it to YouTube!

It shows some of the Bundang autograph signing session. My mom says Yumiko from Japan and John from Canada are in a close-up shot near the end!


The interviewer asks how South Korea has changed since Libera's last visit.

Cassius: I think it's changed a lot, because the last time I came...

Kavana: You were only a little boy.

Cassius: I was only small.

Kavana: Little Cassius.

Cassius: And so I've changed as well as (Korea).

Kavana: It's good to come back to a country that we've been to cause we get to enjoy it more and there's always new things to see and new places to go to. So it's really exciting to come back here again.

About their first church concert in Asia.

Jude: There's bound to be because if you perform in  church, obviously you've got less seats, and it won't be designed for a wide stage, but there's a movement.

Kavana: But we have to adapt to the different things in the church and maybe move a bit or do something different.

Cassius: Acoustics could be different.

Kavana: Which is how it sounds. So sometimes it's nice singing in a cathedral because it's more resonant and it sort of bounces off. And when we hear our echoes, it's really nice.

All: Hi! We're Libera.

Kavana: And we'd like to thank all the fans in South Korea for your support.

Cassius: Thank you.

Jude: Good bye.       



  1. Hi, I’m Vivian T
    There're more videos from Libera on Youtube.
    Thank you message(Korea):
    And news that with Kavana's interview in Taiwan.(from bltvnews)
    the anchorman:
    the reporter:
    the anchorman:
    Let’s see the children’s choir from the United Kingdom, their angelic voices have won a lot of fans’ favor. Not only have many movies soundtrack, but also comfort many fans. And now they were invited to Taiwan to sing Teresa Teng’s song for the fans.
    the reporter:
    The pure voices closely linked everyone’s heart. London children’s chior Libera use their heavenly voices conquer hearts of the audience, but now the audience can feel the charm of Libera immediately.
    For their first time to visit Taiwan, all the members can’t help hiding their excitement. Because they not only will go to National Concert Hall to feel Taiwanese artistic atmosphere, but also will interpret Teresa Teng’s song in Chinese.
    Challenging Chinese songs for the first time, they present all their efforts for Taiwan. In addition to the re-interpretation of the Teresa Teng’s classic song Moon Represents My Heart, also bring different musical feeling for fans in Taiwan.
    Sorry that I may have some grammar mistakes in English. You can feel ease to correct all the mistakes.

  2. I do not know how to speak english ... I would like if possible to translate this video because I can know what they say. thank you .. and good luck in the trials of college.

    This is the video:

  3. Hi, Jaqueline! I already did the translation for that video. You can read it on this post -

    If you can't get that link to work, just look up November 2011 entries on the blog. :D