Friday, March 18, 2011

Canada Concert Flyer

Update: Turns out this is a smaller 5x7 concert flyer. I have these also if anyone needs one.

The first concert poster showed up on the Hamilton church website!

This is a beautiful poster! I love the red & white with the maple leaves in the middle! Yea for Canada!


  1. Wow!! I love it too! Thanks Lexi for posting this.

  2. Hi Lexi! I'm back from the Epsom concert and it was great! I followed your advice and managed to take some photos this time... lol Hope you will have a good time at the Canada concerts! And I do wish they will have more concerts at home this year! :P

  3. You're all welcome! :)

    Hi, Lucy! Aaahhh! I'm so happy for you! Sounds like an awesome concert! Are you going to post your pictures? Did you stay late and try to meet any of the boys as they came out? :D

  4. Pity that I did not stay late... but next time I'll try this for I think maybe they will have some more concerts at home this year in summer or autumn... :P
    As for the photos... people on the Dreams were talking about we should not take our cameras out in the concert hall, so I won't post them publicly. But if you wish to see them I can send you the pictures via email. :D