Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Libera's New Website!!!

Libera has finished changing their website! The whole thing looks really really great! I LOVE the changing header at the top of the Home page. There is a nice little section About Libera and the boys that are in it. There is the most recent News (although there isn't too much in that section right now). There's a REALLY awesome Events page where you can purchace tickets, print out the poster for each concert, or share on facebook or twitter with just one click. There is also a section for the Blogs that Libera writes, a nice Music place where it shows all of their albums in order of release date, and a great photo Gallery with some never-before-seen pictures! (more on that later) Then the most recent Videos and, last but not least, the easiest way to buy the Libera CDs ever in the Shop section! It's so great! If you haven't been to the new site yet be sure to check it out right away! www.libera.org.uk

But I can't get past the new pictures in the Gallery! Here's the ones I've never seen before.

Yeah, you know this one has to go first. lol USA Tour pic from Ft. Worth similar to the one in their video. Love it!!! <3

USA Tour pic from Ft. Worth that was in the UK programs.

 USA Tour in Dallas in front of the organ pipes.

USA Tour in St. Louis. Great colored lights!

USA Tour in St. Louis. Love the "star" lights!

USA Tour in St. Louis. This is a really neat one!

USA Tour in Nashville. My first concert!!! :D

USA Tour in Atlanta. Ugh, Atlanta Braves hats. :p lol.

USA Tour in Atlanta.

USA Tour in Atlanta. I finally figured out that the reflection was off of the piano. lol.

USA Tour in Atlanta, I think. They all look REALLY cute (look at Daniel!), but I LOVE the look on Alex's face! Say wha?!! And how'd he get the cool black glasses?! :)
USA Tour in Atlanta. This one is adorable! Although some of the younger boys look like they've been running around outside. :)

UK Cathedral Tour pic of mini James. So cute! And such a great singer!

UK Cathedral Tour - looks like Chester.

UK Cathedral Tour - looks like Bristol. Cool lighting!

Great job on the new and improved website Libera! Love it!


  1. Hi Lexi, many thanks for this post! For me the website is still its old appearance here... why it's slower in the UK? Maybe it's because that I am using my school network? :(
    Love the new photos. And what are the "Atlanta Braves" hats? The local baseball team? I'm not a sports fan so I know nothing about this. :P

  2. Hi Lucy! Libera did say it might take a few hours to reach all parts of the Internet. It should show up by you soon. Yup, the Atlanta Braves are their baseball team. I'm a Chicago White Sox fan! I think they need new hats! :D

  3. hi lexi! with your permission, i "grabbed" 4 photos which i'd like to post in my FB account. ft. worth, atlanta, USA tour 1 & USA tour 2. thanks so much and i'll find time to visit their site maybe later. my regards to you & your mom.