Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Madonna Verde" TV Soundtrack CD

The soundtrack album for the "Madonna Verde" TV drama is now for sale at Tower Records Japan. The release date is April 13. The cover is a picture of the 2 actresses that play the mother and daughter. There are 15 songs, and song 1 is "Song of Life" TV version. It is a shorter 1:13 version. Song 2 is the main theme song. This may be the full version of "Song of Life." To see the details in Japanese click here. To see the details in English click here. 

"Madonna Verde" will air Tuesday nights at 10pm on NHK TV for 6 weeks - April 19 to May 24. Thanks to Fan de LoK for the info. 

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  1. Lovely cd cover :). Hope to hear the full version of the new song soon.