Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Miracle of Life" - 2 album covers!

So there's the answer! There are 2 album covers! Thank you Libera for explaining on your new and improved website that your "Miracle of Life" mini-album has a white rose cover for the actual CD...

and a pink rose cover for the digital album. How cool is that?!  :D

Libera also wrote,

We are looking forward to the release of a mini album called "Miracle of Life" in Japan during April. This album features "Song of Life" - which has been selected as the theme music for a TV Drama called "Madonna Verde". "Song of Life" was composed by Takatsugu Muramatsu, who also composed "Far Away" and "You Were There." We were honoured to meet Mr Muramatsu in Tokyo when he joined us to perform "You Were There" at a concert in 2009.

So here's 2 pictures from when 8 of the boys got to meet Takatsugu Muramatsu in January 2009. These are from a photo shoot they did for Chopin Magazine at Christ Church of Shinagawa. They also did a TV interview here. You may have seen that on YouTube.

I love both of these pictures! Zach, Tom, Ed, Michael, Josh, Sam, Liam and Ben got to go to Japan for a whole week!

Hagy just gave us the translation of the Japanese on these pages. Thank you, Hagy!

Tom - "I am glad to finally meet Mr. Muramatsu, because I like his work very much since he wrote 'Far Away" which we sang."

Tom - "The harmony is the best, and the flow of the tune is very beautiful, and it is easy to sing. The combinations with Robert are also wonderful."

Mike V. - "There are a lot of similarities between his and Robert's music."

Impressions at being with Mr. Muramatsu for the first time -
Ben - "He has a lot of talent, and he is a very proper man."


  1. The answer turned out.
    I am looking forward to CD's reaching hand. The 12th another.

  2. Hi Lexi. I've borrow your white rose cd and the original cd cover picture into my blog. I hope you don't mind if I borrow them.